Because the moon is located between the sun and the earth, a phenomenon occurs

Because the moon is located between the sun and the earth, a phenomenon occurs. Since the moon is between the sun and the earth, there is a wonderful cosmic phenomenon that occurs every few years. What is this phenomenon and how did it happen, dear students, with important information related to it?

Because the moon is located between the sun and the earth, a phenomenon occurs

There are many celestial phenomena that occur outside our planet automatically, unintentionally, and that we previously observed from our location on Earth only when they occur without finding any explanation for them, including the following phenomenon

  • Since the moon is between the sun and the earth, eclipses occur.

A solar eclipse is a celestial event that doesn’t happen very often, but watching it when it does is amazing. On those rare occasions when you’re in the right place at the right time during full sun, it’s amazing and magical.

How does a solar eclipse happen?

There are many natural phenomena that occur to the sun or the moon, including the eclipse, which may be partial or total to the olfactory one, which is the perpendicularity of the moon, the sun, and the earth in the same line, and the moon is one of the stars that revolve around the earth to a natural shape at an angle of five from the sun and the earth, but in cases of eclipses the angle of the moon changes, The moon revolves around the earth twice a year, and eclipses are:

  • An eclipse is a cosmic phenomenon that occurs when the moon passes in a straight line between the earth and the sun.
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If the moon’s shadow spreads across the earth’s surface and blocks the sunlight visible from the earth, for the eclipse to occur, the moon must be in the correct phase during the eclipse season, and there must also be a new phase. The moon is a total eclipse.

The main types of eclipses

There are three main types of solar eclipse[[[[ ][[[[

  • Total eclipse A total solar eclipse can be observed from a small area of ​​the Earth, and for a total eclipse, the sun, moon and earth must be in a straight line.
  • Partial eclipse This occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are not perfectly aligned, so the Sun appears to have a dark shadow over a small part of its surface.
  • Annular eclipse An annular eclipse occurs when the moon is far from the earth, as the moon appears in front of the sun as a dark disk above a large disk colored by the sun, and this creates what appears to be a ring around the moon.

Problems caused by eclipse when viewed directly

It is very dangerous to look directly at the sun, even during a solar eclipse, and therefore you should never attempt to observe the total, partial or annular eclipse with the naked eye and the damage it causes

  • Viewing an eclipse can lead to permanent vision loss.
  • Damage occurs quickly and painlessly.
  • Vision loss only occurs after an eclipse.
  • There is no cure for it, and children are particularly at risk.

Thus, we came to the end of our article, which was called “Since the moon is between the sun and the earth, a phenomenon occurs,” through which we answered one of the questions of our honorary students and talked about the phenomenon of eclipses, its causes, types, and human harm.

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