WhatsApp finally lets you change the playback speed of audio messages

WhatsApp gets a super useful feature in its latest beta update: a new button speeds up the playback speed of audio messages to review them up to twice as fast. However, the application does not currently allow you to slow down reading to help you understand when the diction is not very clear or the message is disturbed by ambient noise.

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You noticed it on WhatsApp and other social networks: voice conversations are increasingly popular to the detriment of written messages. A plus when you are the author, since it generally saves time compared to writing a message while adopting a more direct posture. For the recipient, on the other hand, it all depends on the number of audio messages he receives. Because without transcription, you must necessarily spend a few minutes listening to each message, which can quickly turn out to be very time-consuming, if not annoying.

Until then, WhatsApp like other platforms that offer audio conversations such as Clubhouse or now Twitter did not allow you to speed up reading. For more than a month, the developers of the application had therefore been looking for a simple way to implement a option that allows users to speed up the playback of these audio clips without it distorting the voice too much.

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WhatsApp: the latest beta speeds up the playback of audio messages

Some users of the last beta of WhatsApp ( see a new button to the right of the scroll bar for audio messages.. Pressing allows you to choose between reading at normal speed (1x), 50% faster (1.5X) and 100% faster (2x). If you choose the latter option, a 1-minute message turns into a short 30-second audio clip.

The only thing we would find fault with is thatit would also be useful to be able to slow down the reading, especially for those situations where all or part of the message is barely understandable. A feature of transcription, similar to what iPhones do for example with voicemail messages, would also be welcome. For now WhatsApp has not yet deployed this novelty to all users of the last beta.

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If you want to test it, we recommend that you download and install the latest beta version of the app ( on APKMirror just to put all your chances on your side while waiting for the application to activate the required trigger on the server side.

Whatsapp change reading speed
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