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What songs did the guests of “Bad Rabbit” play at the Azteca stadium? – The financial

Bad Bunny is closing his The hottest tour in the world in the Aztec stadium from Mexico City, surrounded by friends like Sech, Li Saumet, Jhayco and Raquel Berrios.

The Bad Bunny concert was preceded by many posts on TikTok and Instagram. Fans knew in advance the scenery of the beach, the flying palm tree with which the singer-songwriter would tour the stadium and even some of the choreography of his swimsuit-clad dancers, but what they didn’t know is that the “Bad Bunny” made the effort to perform many of the duets from his popular album live a summer without you with their guest artists in the production.

“I hope all the songs we sang tonight become like this, in a memory, in the future, of tonight’s moment, Mexico lasts forever. Don’t forget tonight, please, I ask you, I will never forget my first time here at the Azteca,” said Bad Bunny before performing “Two Thousand 16” in front of 85,000 in attendance at the first of his two stadium concerts.

Bad Bunny guests at his first concert in CDMX

Versus Saumet stereo pump sang the hit ‘Cute Eyes’, with Buscabulla Berrios ‘Andrea’ and with Chencho Corleone ‘Me porto bonito’. Jhayco was summoned for “Tarot” and his hit “Dákiti”, included in the album The last round the world from Bad Bunny, as well as ‘You don’t know me’ by Jhayco in whose remix the guest is Bad Bunny.

Another of his summoned friends was Blackberry for ‘Once’ and ‘Volando (remix)’ with Sech, who in turn sang ‘Ignorantes’ from the album YHLQMDLG from Bad Bunny. Sech also indulged himself singing his hit solo “Otro trago”.

The pioneers of reggaeton Jowell & Randy, Those who emphasized celebrating 20 years of career were other guests who had a moment to sing without their host. The Puerto Ricans performed ‘No te veo’, ‘Bonita’ and ’23′ solo, while with Bad Bunny they made people dance ‘Safara’another song by YHLQMDLG.

Bad Bunny in ‘solo’

Bad Bunny performed without guests the great songs of ‘A summer without you’ that played in countless parties and clubs: ‘Tití me pregunta’, ‘Party’, ‘Moscow Mule’ and ‘Callaíta’, the latter released in 2019 as a single and finally incorporated into his album this year. ‘Yo perreo alone’, ‘If I see your mom’ and ‘If we were together’ from his 2018 debut album could not be missing X100PRE, with whom he had performed in concert in Mexico, among other previous presentations in the country.

The public has received synchronized light bracelets and they changed color to the beat of the music and there were also fireworks in multiple songs. The famous flying palm moment came with ‘Un coco’ and ‘La canción’, the second, a song from his acclaimed album with J Balvin “Oasis” of 2019.

There was also a guy who proposed to his girlfriend on stage and during a break between songs a snippet of ‘Treasure’ by Juan Gabriel. In turn, the fans sang Bad Bunny the classic theme from the Mexican songbook ‘Cielito lindo’.

“I too am having a bastard like you. Thank you, I swear, I didn’t expect less from the people of Mexico City,” said the singer. “Honestly, since… I got the news that I would be performing here, I haven’t waited for a day like today.”

Anticipation for the concert began to build in January when Bad Bunny announced that he would be visiting Mexico with his band The hottest tour in the world, the artist’s first stadium tour, and it’s only increased month by month.

Bad Bunny: the most listened to artist in the world

Bad Bunny arrived in the capital after touring the United States from coast to coast, as well as concerts in the Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and two dates in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey.

It also came after being declared by trade magazine Pollstar as the artist with the most profitable tour of the year on Elton John, Lady Gaga and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The musician has obtained for the third consecutive year the title of the most listened to in the world on Spotify and in November, as well as winning five awards Latin Grammy in the urban music categories, it earned a historic Grammy nomination for Best Album of the Year for A summer without you the first album sung in Spanish to reach it.

Irregularities at the Bad Bunny concert at the Azteca Stadium

For hours before, the streets that communicated to the Azteca stadium had collapsed from the fans who went to see what was considered “the most anticipated concert of the year”. Tickets have sold for thousands of pesos in some cases, and resales of up to tens of thousands have been reported.

Being such a coveted show, it has also had its share of uncertainty and bad news for some. A group of young people gathered outside the stadium with the intention of “dar slamming” (entering by force), which is why access was temporarily restricted and the presence of the police was requested, even at horse, to maintain security order.

Similarly, complaints began to emerge from attendees stating that their tickets had been cloned and that they were unable to enter, despite having legally purchased them from Ticketmaster.

“The Profeco (Federal Consumer Attorney) has already requested a report from Ticketmaster regarding the problem with access tickets to the Bad Bunny concert at the Azteca Stadium. We ask affected consumers to formalize their complaints to address them in accordance with the law,” federal consumer advocate Ricardo Sheffield tweeted on Friday evening.

All this led to the concert starting at 10:00, well beyond the 8:30 that the tickets provided, even taking into account that in Mexico it is common for mass concerts to start after the original time.

And despite it all, people left ecstatic around 1 in the morning. Outside there were street vendors selling T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, pens and mugs, many with sad heart prints from “A Summer Without You,” which were selling like hot cakes. Bad Bunny fans “starting 2023 off right ca —-“.

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