What Makes the Outdated Design of Fiat Still Attract Buyers?

What Makes the Outdated Design of Fiat Still Attract Buyers?

Today, the iconic Fiat is still pulling in the bazaars despite its outdated design. Or is it because of her?

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The automotive market has apparently reached a point where obsolescence not only does not have to be a disadvantage, but even becomes an advantage. It brings a structural simplicity that suits many used car buyers, even if it does not bring the desired reliability of the Fiat Panda.

Not long ago, we took a look at the Hyundai i10, i.e. the cheapest new car on the Czech market. But in connection with used cars, because even 275 thousand crowns is for many people an amount they cannot afford to spend, especially for a 3,670 millimeter long hatchback. Today, for a change, we will move on to the Fiat Panda, which is also one of the few cars that you can still buy new for a relatively reasonable price. However, even in this case, your wallet will probably be opened with little willingness, because the Panda is not exactly a family car either – it measures 3,635 mm in length, i.e. a hair less than the i10.

However, it is not the only problematic aspect of the five-door Italian hatchback. It is necessary to mention that its third and still current generation came to the market already in 2011. From a technical point of view, we have a relatively outdated car here, although the engines have already undergone several modernizations, as well as the multimedia. However, the basis has not changed, which eventually some are beginning to perceive positively. It is a structurally simple car that can be easily repaired, which is probably necessary in the case of the Panda. If you look at the current TÜV Report, regardless of its age, the Panda is one of the worst rated cars. And unlike his opponents, he can’t even make an excuse for a big raid, which is always rather below average.

In one area, however, the Panda beats the Hyundai i10 head on. As you probably already guessed, it is about the price – in the case of the second generation, which arrived in 2013, the Korean car can be purchased from around 60,000 CZK. However, even half will be enough for the same old Italian hatchback with a similar high ground clearance. However, before you decide to spend your money on a second or third car for the family instead of a two-day stay at Legoland, consider all the circumstances. Fiat did not earn the reputation of an extremely unreliable manufacturer for nothing. And Panda unfortunately does not contradict it.

When we look at the details of the statistics, we find that in the case of cars that are no more than three years old, criticism comes “only” for a fifth of the cars, but it applies to practically all areas. Attention must therefore be paid to engines, chassis and electronics. To Fiat’s credit, it should be mentioned that most of the defects were removed within a week, and that too within the warranty, but that’s more or less the end of the praise. The older the Italian hatchback is, the more work you will have to get it back on the road. In addition to the already mentioned, prepare almost 100% for the replacement of lights, brakes or exhaust.

That low price can thus be purchased dearly. Therefore, it is generally recommended to look only for newer production, for which you already have to pay at least 100 thousand CZK. Or a little more, if you want a maximum five-year-old car with less than 100,000 kilometers. Colleagues from the German Auto Bild tested a 2018 model with which its owner drove only 22,053 km. However, the car dealership in Lüneburg is asking 11,450 Euros (approx. 279,000 crowns) for this car, which is not exactly a popular price.

Cars with similar mileage and age can generally be purchased cheaper, often for significantly less than 200,000 crowns. Again, however, we have to refer to the i10, which is available for the same money, but in the case of the Korean hatchback, it is already the current generation, which was introduced in 2019. However, its reputation, as well as the actual condition, are on a completely different level. However, the choice is entirely up to you, Panda is an icon of its kind and is clearly popular in bazaars, which is why it is relatively expensive.

The third-generation Panda was already produced twelve years ago, and even after such a long time, the brand was not able to capture the quality first. During the initial three-year existence, the problems concern a fifth of the cars. Photo: Fiat

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