The Eternal Love: Actress Teodora Duchovnikova’s Heartbreak and Gratitude

The Eternal Love: Actress Teodora Duchovnikova’s Heartbreak and Gratitude

The first love of actress Teodora Duchovnikova died in a serious accident years ago. She still loves him and is grateful to him for everything, but she can accept his death! This was revealed by Duchovnikova herself in the program “Life by a real case” with Alex Sarchadzhieva on bTV.

“Vasil and I were a very sweet couple. We loved and understood each other very much. We met at the Academy, but later we decided that it was better to separate because we are very young and neither of us has seen anything of the world. Even after we remained on extremely good terms after the breakup. We talked for hours on all kinds of topics, including our current boyfriends,” recalls Duchovnikova with a slight smile on her face, but mixed with sadness.

Unfortunately, Vasil died in a serious accident years ago. At that time, Duchovnikova was already with her current husband Stefan, who comforted her because she was completely devastated.

“I still love him Vasil, I will always love him, I’m sure he still loves me. I will always be very grateful to him for being such a good boy. The first love, the first relationship is very important and he gave me the best that can get a person. The first relationship determines your next ones. If someone treats you badly and that in your first love, then you will start projecting that onto your other relationships. Even my husband, he said he was grateful, because thanks to him, I became this woman he fell in love with. I remember when they called to tell me he had died in an accident. I didn’t believe it. I said that wasn’t true and hung up. I just I have a problem with death. It’s hard for me to accept it. Over the years I’m doing a lot better now, I accept that death is inevitable. Maybe the only thing that’s predetermined and inevitable in this world,” he concludes his confession the talented actress, who won the award of the Bulgarian Film Academy for the leading female role, recalls “Bulgaria Today”.

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