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What is the situation in hospitals this Sunday, April 5? (infographics)

Belgian hospitals are currently on the front line in the fight against coronavirus. A total of 499 patients have been hospitalized in the past 24 hours, while 504 people have left the hospital. 5735 people are currently in the hospital, including 1261 in intensive care units.

The number of people admitted to the hospital is “the best indirect indicator of control of this epidemic, of control of the spread of the virus in the community“Emmanuel Emmanuel, inter-federal spokesperson for the fight against Covid-19, recalled at a press conference on Saturday. But, he added,”it’s an indicator that is late for your efforts“.

Very important efforts still have to be made

As seen in the graph above, the number of hospital admissions has dropped very slightly. This does not mean that everything is fine, however. Some hospitals are more strained than others and the healthcare workforce as a whole is more on the job than ever.

Although the number of people admitted to hospital remains high, this number is no longer increasing very significantly as it did at the start of the epidemic“, observes Emmanuel André. This is proof of a”controlling the spread of the epidemic“However, the doctor insists,”very important efforts still have to be made“.

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The daily number of net admissions to ICU [unité de soins intensifs, ndlr] (+16) and in hospital (+57) continues to decrease, could become negative in the coming days, thus marking the expected hospital ‘peak’. There could still be a rebound effect, but the trend is there“Epidemiologist Marius Gilbert wrote on Twitter this Sunday.

At the same time, this specialist adds that there is no need to pour into the “triumphalism” where the “loosening“.”The situation of nursing homes is extremely serious and could result in the deaths of the next few days. The increase in tests will make it possible to carry out more systematic screenings and to improve prevention“, analyzes Marius Gilbert.

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