What is the Singapore method, which will enter primary schools “from the start of the 2024 school year”?


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Gabriel Attal unveiled his plan to “restore standards” to schools in the wake of the disappointing results of the Pisa international study. France will notably adopt the Singapore method in mathematics, which promotes a “concrete, active and collaborative” approach.

To say that France’s decline is abysmal in terms of mathematics is not an understatement: since 2018, the performance of 15-year-old French students has fallen by 21 points. This is the most significant decline in more than twenty years. Faced with this observation, the Minister of Education rushed to present numerous measures intended to raise the level of French students. During the conference on Tuesday, December 5, Gabriel Attal addressed a concept little known to everyone: primary school will “gradually adopt the Singapore Method for mathematics, which promotes a concrete, active and collaborative approach”. But still ?

Where does the Singapore method come from?

Praised by some sites internet as being “the method that trains the best students in the world in mathematics”, this learning technique dates back to the 80s. At that time, “Singapore aims to be the world leader”, explains Monica Neagoy, specialist in this method in France. Before

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