What is the “required person” of the Spanish game and Japan’s key man (THE TIME): J-CAST TV watch[visualizzazione del testo completo]

At 6am at the start of “THE TIME” on the 28th (November 2022), MC Shinichiro Azumi Ana said, “Football World Cup, Japan Group E. The match between Germany and Spain was only about three minutes ago. It’s over, it’s 1-1, it’s a draw and it’s been decided to add 1 point to each.”

The best news in the sports corner, as well as news about the football World Cup. Announcer Shinya Sugiyama first said of Japan’s second match on the 27th: “It was a match against Costa Rica. It’s a disappointing result.”

  • Toward Victory… (The photo is an image)

  • Toward Victory... (The photo is an image)

“Too Painful, Too Painful Defeat”

Three days after their victory over Germany in the ‘Doha Delight’, Japan, who finished 2nd in the group tournament, were engaged in an important game that would have brought them closer to accessing the finals if they won, but suffered a goal in the match 36th minute of the second half. Looking back on this moment on VTR, Sugiyama’s announcer said: “It’s impossible for Japan to concede a goal.

Sugiyama Ana “Japan took 14 shots, more than three times Costa Rica, but could not shake the goal. Too painful defeat, too painful.”

Subsequently, as “super breaking news”, the details of the match between Spain and Germany were reported.

Ana Sugiyama “Spain’s cross from the left in the 17th minute of the second half, Morata! Morata! What if I think I’ll win? Germany’s counterattack in the 38th minute of the second half. The score is level with Germanic spirit. The match ends in a draw”.

Group E reached the second round. Spain are currently leading with 4 points and Japan are 2nd with 3. We have to go.

The program features Marco Asensio (26), who belongs to the prestigious Real Madrid, as a “person to watch”. In the semifinals of last year’s Tokyo Olympics (2021), he scored a goal with his left foot and prevented Japan from advancing to the finals.

On the other hand, Takefusa Kubo (21), who plays in Spain, would be a key player in Japan. Kubo, who knows Spain the most in the Japan national team, has scored 2 goals and provided 4 assists this season.


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