What is the nutritional equivalence of one slice of bread to crackers in terms of quantity?

Provided: we do not determine for you what you can or should not eat. If you find it difficult to determine what and how much to eat, always ask a dietician for good advice. What we can do is show comparisons between crackers and bread.


Searched in 2020 Optimavita explains how the nutritional values ​​of wholemeal crackers compare to those of wholemeal bread. She compared information such as calories, fiber, salt, fat and protein. What turned out? Per 100 grams there was hardly any difference between the nutritional value of the crackers compared to the bread, except for one thing: crackers contain much less iodine than bread.

Jodium in crackers

This is an important fact to keep in mind if you plan to eat a lot of crackers and little bread, the blog writes: ‘Iodine is very important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Don’t you eat bread at all? Then make sure you take in enough iodine in a different way.’ Iodine is also found in egg, fish, and basically everything that comes from the sea.

More toppings

Furthermore, there is a big difference to think of if you start eating more crackers than bread, writes Optimavita: two crackers often have more toppings than one slice of bread. So make sure that you don’t get in the way of the health gain you think you can achieve by choosing crackers by choosing unhealthy fillings.


Finally sends Optimavita also recommends ‘variation’: bread one day, crackers the next, or for example an omelette, a salad or a bowl of cottage cheese. This keeps your healthy lifestyle interesting and makes it less boring. In addition, you ensure that you continue to receive many different nutrients.

Bron: OptimaVita

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