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What is known so far about Dani Alves’ trial for sexual assault – 2024-02-19 03:24:00

A year after being imprisoned for the alleged sexual assault of Dani Alves about a woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​in December 2022, the trial against the footballer has begun in the Catalan city. Below, we leave you the details that are known.

Dani Alves faces a sentence of twelve years in prison for an alleged sexual assault with penetration, on the night of December 30 to 31 of last 2022. Since January 2023, the player has been in preventive detention and His case has been very difficult.

The trial began this Monday at 10:00 local time, in the Barcelona Court. This Monday and tomorrow, Tuesday, the 28 witnesses are summoned and on Wednesday, which will be the day scheduled for Alves to testify, the conclusions will be reached.

What is known about Dani Alves’ trial?

Initially, according to information ‘La Vanguardia’, Alves’ defense would have proposed the recognition of the facts as well as the payment of an amount much higher than 150,000 euros. requested by the investigating judge as compensation, however, the accuser, who is prohibited from disclosing data, has rejected it, giving rise to the trial. Alves was also denied bail last year.

The Brazilian’s defense also alluded on this day that the Brazilian, who attended dressed in a white shirt and looked crestfallen, is in a “distressed financial situation”, since the amount he should pay, If charged, it could exceed 200,000 euros.

Prosecutors seek nine years in prison as sentence for Alves if convictedwhile the lawyers representing his accuser ask for 12 years.

It is important to note that the sexual consent law approved in Spain in 2022 includes a wide range of crimes in the term sexual assault, from online abuse and groping to rape, with different penalties. A conviction for rape can mean up to 15 years in prison.

Information in development.

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