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What Is Gold Savings That Makes Pawnshops Sued for IDR 322 Billion?


PT pawnshop (Persero) was sued for up to Rp 322.5 billion related to gold savings. The lawsuit was filed by a person named Arie Indra Manurung through his attorney, Usman.

The plaintiff considers the ‘Gold Savings’ program from Pegadaian a copyright infringement because it has been owned by the plaintiff. In addition, the plaintiff also asked the court to punish the defendant to stop and/or close the gold savings after the verdict was pronounced.

Then, what is it gold savings what makes pawnshop sued?

In the petition filed, the plaintiff stated that he was the first to create an investment system and sale and purchase transaction for gold/precious metals called Goldgram.

The Pegadaian gold savings program is a gold balance deposit service, which makes it easier for people to invest in gold. This is quoted from the official website pawnshop.co.id.

Orders for gold printing can be made starting from pieces of 1 gram, with 24 carat carat. Customers can make purchases of gold savings starting from 0.01 grams. In essence, customers can save but not in the form of money, but gold.

The journey of saving gold as an investment instrument has been around for a long time. In 1901, the Pegadaian which was then called Bank van Leening did not only accept household appliances as collateral for the mortgage, but also gold.

In 2008 Pegadaian issued a gold installment product called MULIA (Murabahah Precious Metals for Perpetual Investment). In its development, the gold savings product was officially launched by President Joko Widodo and accompanied by the Minister of SOEs Rini Soemarno and the President Director of PT Pegadaian Riswinandi on July 5, 2015.

This product has obtained permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) with letter number S-427/NB.11/2016 dated 17 February 2016 regarding the Gold Savings Pawnshop product. Then, the company applied for a renewal of the operational license for the Pegadaian gold savings product which was granted by the OJK with letter number S-476/NB.111/2019 dated October 9, 2019 regarding the approval of PT Pegadaian (Persero) Gold Savings Products.

Responding to the lawsuit, Vice President of Corporate Communication PT pawnshop Basuki Tri Andayani, through his written statement, said his party would follow the legal process and regulations set by the government.

“We have received the lawsuit and are being studied carefully. As a company that upholds GCG principles, we will follow the applicable legal process and comply with government regulations and other legal provisions. In addition, we are also committed to protecting consumer rights, so that there are no customer losses,” explained Basuki.

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