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Who said that adrenaline-pumping competitive games had to come with violence, blood, and corpses strewn about? In the hands of Mediatonic, which seems to have translated the concept of a well-known classic variety show – Takeshi Fortress into a video game format, Fall Guys was born, which stole the hearts of gamers. Had become a phenomenon, it must be admitted that discussions related to this game are indeed getting thinner with age. But Mediatonic has now come up with quite a radical step that will open a new future for this one series.

That’s right, Mediatonic will change the Fall Guys distribution format to free to play in June 2022. This change in format will also be followed by cross-play and cross-progression features, where gamers from various different platforms will now be able to fight and take each other down.

Fall Guys will turn into a free-to-play game starting June 2022.

Gamers who have bought games in the past, of course, will still receive compensation in the form of a Legacy Pack which contains a variety of cosmetic items in it. The uniqueness occurred in the PC version where Fall Guys decided to move from Steam to the Epic Games Store. The Steam version will still be supported with updates, but you will no longer be able to find Fall Guys there.

The Fall Guys format change to free to play will occur on June 21, 2022. How about you? Interested in trying it?

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