what if it was Marc’Andria Maurizzi?

Marc’Andria Maurizzi started playing chess around the age of seven. He then joined the Corsica chess Club in Bastia where he was coached by international master Michal Massonni. In 2017, he represented France at the European Youth Chess Championships, winning the gold medal in the under-ten category.
In 2019, Marc’Andria Maurizzi, continuing his good progress, again won the gold medal of the European Youth Chess Championship in the under 12 category. He is the French pupil champion (under twelve) in 2019. The same year, he became an international master at the age of 12 years and two months by achieving the third standard for this title during the Metz tournament of to

International Grand Master

He achieves his first international grandmaster standard (GMI) at the International Open in Sitges, Catalonia, with a score of 6.5 / 9 which also allows him to reach eighth place in the tournament. . the , he acquires his second standard of international grandmaster by rising to second place in the Barcelona international tournament thanks to a score of 6.5 points out of 9 games played.
the , it acquires its third standard allowing it to reach the title of international grandmaster, during the GMI tournament of C’Chartres Échecs, thanks to a score of 6.5 points on 9 games played.
He became the earliest French GMI in history, at 14 years and 5 days, breaking the record held since 1997 by Étienne Bacrot who had become GMI at the age of 14 years and 2 months.,



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