“Captain Erwan-Bergot de Thionville Traditional Open-Air Day: Honoring Combatants and Paying Tribute to the Disappeared”

The traditional open-air day of section 574 Captain Erwan-Bergot de Thionville took place in the green enclosure of the municipal park of Distroff.

More than a hundred people, including delegations from Meuse, Sarrelouis-Merzig and Belgium, gathered under the gazebo for a meal concocted around piglets cooked over a wood fire.

President Alain Seith greeted the assistance by emphasizing “the investment of the members of the section, young and old, particularly solicited and present during the recent commemorations. »

Manu Turquia, the mayor of Distroff, said he was happy to be able to count on the UNP to enhance the patriotic ceremonies and thus pay tribute to the combatants and the disappeared.

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