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What happened when the woman fell asleep in an awkward position and suddenly stopped walking?

The woman urges people not to repeat her mistakes.

Julia Anderson, 36, fell asleep in the wrong position after a party. After she woke up, she was unable to walk.

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Julia Anderson, 36, drank vodka with friends until she passed out in an uncomfortable position. She awoke from the realization that she could not walk. During the night, her legs swelled and doubled in size.

“All I could think about was, ‘Did I break my legs? Why can’t I move my legs?” Julia recalls.

The woman was admitted to the hospital. After several tests and x-rays of her legs, doctors told Julia that she had been on her feet all night with her circulation blocked.

She was told that this led to a condition called compartment syndrome, where muscle and nerve cells are cut off from oxygen and nutrients in the blood, get damaged and begin to die. When the blood returns to this area, the body reacts to the damaged cells with a huge amount of inflammation.

Surgeons at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto cut Julia’s left calf muscle to relieve pressure. Sections of the muscles were cut out to relieve swelling and reduce the amount of toxins entering the bloodstream.

After surgery to help Julia heal, a hole was left in her leg that needed every graft.

“The nerve damage was so severe that I screamed in the middle of the night in pain. Imagine that your leg is falling asleep, and the tingling sensation is a thousand times stronger, like a sharp electric shock to my leg,” says Julia.

After the operation, Julia recuperated in the hospital for five weeks before she was discharged home, where she was bedridden for another three weeks and had to take strong painkillers for a year. Julia said she still walks “funny” after her injury, although her movements have improved a lot.

The woman urges people to be careful about their lives so as not to repeat the mistake.

Recall that in Belgium, a 35-year-old woman was fired on her first working day. Employers did not like the fact that she had “knocked out teeth.”

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