What do you know about “psychological cough”? How to get rid of it and when do you need a doctor?

Written by Fatima Yasser

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 04:00 PM

Dr. Ibrahim Rashid, consultant psychiatrist at Kasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine, said that some people, when exposed to psychological pressure, tension, anxiety, and insomnia, experience the appearance of coughwhich is basically a reaction of the body as a result of negative emotions controlling it.

The psychiatry consultant added that a psychological cough is a non-pathological symptom, meaning that the person is not sick with a disease that causes it to appear, such as colds or influenza. This is the reason for calling it a psychological cough because it is caused by a psychological factor and not a pathological one.

Rashid pointed out that psychological cough occurs in the form of recurrent attacks, and increases when a person is exposed to stress and anxiety, and is accompanied by some symptoms such as itching in the back of the throat, the inability to take a breath normally, in addition to the desire to cough, and these symptoms cause the person to experience insomnia due to… The pain that he experiences, and also as a result of focusing on the cough, and all of these things cause the symptoms to worsen, and things get worse if the psychological cause that leads to the cough is not controlled and treated.

The psychiatry consultant explained that dealing with the psychological factors that lead to developing a cough is one of the most important tips to get rid of it. You can also practice yoga, as it contributes to managing and overcoming a cough, because it is one of the tricks that contribute to a feeling of psychological relaxation and a sense of calm, so do not hesitate. In doing it.

Pointing out that if the symptoms worsen, you should see a psychiatrist to help get rid of the stress and anxiety that causes the cough. He pointed out that all of these things happen after ensuring that the person does not have any other cause that leads to the appearance of the cough.

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