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Video: The grandson of “The Patient Camel”.. Al-Bulaihi outperforms world stars with “a piece of onion” | Arabic Goal.com

Information you may not know about Ali Al-Bulayhi, the controversial and controversial defender of Al-Hilal


The round world of the witch is full of wonders and curiosities; Many players have come to rely on tricks and tricks to overcome their competitors on the field.

Among these players is the Saudi international star Ali Al-Bulaihi, the center back of Al-Hilal Club “Al-Mashagheb”, who has become the talk of the whole world.

Al-Bulaihi received praise from some, and was attacked and ridiculed by others. Because of his crazy behavior against the stars; The most prominent of them are the Portuguese legends Cristiano Ronaldo and the Argentine Lionel Messi.

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Mocking the Al Hilal defender, it reached the point of insulting his family, and belittling the upbringing of this player, who entered the world of real professionalism, at an old age. Specifically when he was twenty-six years old.

But in reality, Ali Al-Bulayhi; His lineage goes back to one of the largest families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the “Al-Dawasir tribe”, which enjoyed a position of strength in many areas and sectors of life. Among them were government jobs, commerce, and literature.

The name Al-Bulaihi means “strong and patient camel.” This name was given to the grandfather of Al Hilal’s defender; After he showed great courage, in one of the wars in which he participated with his cousins, “Al Shammas.”

It seems that Ali inherited this courage from his grandfather, and became a warrior like him, but in the world of the Round Witch; He said about facing world stars: “I was born for these challenges.”

No football fan will forget Al-Bulaihi standing face to face with Messi, in the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina, in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Then… Al-Bulaihi alone succeeded in completely removing the Argentine legend from the atmosphere of the match, repeating in his face: “You will not be able to win against us,” before repeating these actions later, with Ronaldo.

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Al-Bulayhi’s psychological war against world stars reached Polish Robert Lewandowski. When he told him at the last World Cup: “You are the worst striker…and Romelu Lukaku is better than you.”

Aside from these actions that the world witnessed, Ali Al-Bulaihi himself revealed some of the “crazy” actions that he performs on the field. To outsmart the attackers.

Al-Bulaihi puts two pieces of onions in his socks before going onto the field, and when he feels that any striker will outperform him in the match, he then eats a piece of onion, and then goes to talk to this striker.

The striker facing Al-Bulaihi, on the field, cannot bear the smell of onions, and turns away from him completely. And here he has surpassed him.

It is not expected that this “crazy” behavior of Al-Bulaihi will end soon; The Al Hilal defender still raises controversy in his team’s matches and on social media.


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