What are the health effects

Eating expired almonds It is bad for health? If you are asking yourself this question, you can find the answer in this article.


Expired almonds: the health effects

Like all foods, almonds, over time, undergo a natural process of deterioration. When the latter is triggered, it is good to avoid eating almonds, especially if you are in particular conditions such as pregnancy.

In the case of fresh almonds, on the other hand, space can be given to the intake, except in cases in which an allergy is confirmed. The almonds, in fact, they are characterized by very interesting benefits. In this category it is possible to include the presence of unsaturated fats, essential for heart health, but also that of quality vegetable proteins, nutrients that help maintain lean mass and keep appetite under control thanks to the inhibition of the synthesis of ghrelin hormone.

The almonds, moreover, they are characterized by the presence of important antioxidant substances, such as vitamin E, also called tocopherol and crucial for preventing premature aging of the skin.

Rich in fiber, and almonds are also characterized by the presence of vitamin D. Having clarified this necessary premise, let’s try to understand how to recognize expired almonds.

Expired almonds: how to recognize them

Italian law does not provide specific reference points relating to expiration of dried fruit. For this reason, when buying almonds it is advisable to trust those who sell them.

Fortunately, there is also a trick, as simple as it is effective, that allows you to recognize the still good almonds, distinguishing them from those which, however, have already expired. What does it foresee? The simple fact of weighing them with your hand. In the event that they are too light, as if they are completely empty inside, it means that it is better not to eat them. If not, they can be taken without problems.

In some situations, the only possible alternative is to open them: when the almonds are attacked by mold, not always visible outside. If you notice this situation in front of the open almond, obviously you have to throw it away.

Another tip to avoid running into problems when eating almonds it’s about focusing only on packaged and organic products. Buying almonds at fruit and vegetable markets is not the best unless, we reiterate, you have total security regarding the products that the seller offers to his buyers.

Returning for a moment to packaged almonds, we would like to point out the importance of do not consume them with added ingredients. In a nutshell, roasted ones or those with the addition of salt should be avoided.

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