Normalization of Israeli Relations with Arabs Signs of Palestinian Diplomacy …


RAMALLAH – Dimitri Diliani, a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Guards, said residents Palestine used to be proud of their diplomatic achievements. However, that past glory has been lost, as the Gulf states prefer to sign a deal with Israel.

Diliani said the Palestinian people were very angry with the decision United Arab Emirates (UEA) dan Bahrain which normalizes relations with Israel. But, said Diliani, what is even more sad is that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is not doing anything to prevent this.

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“The Palestinian people are angry and do not agree to the normalization agreement. But what is strange is that the PA is not doing anything to prevent this agreement from happening. They haven’t even spoken to Abu Dhabi since 2014,” Diliani said, as reported by Sputnik.

“We used to be proud of our diplomatic machine. Now, nothing remains of its past glory. The last achievement of Palestinian diplomacy occurred in 2012, when the PA was accepted at the UN as a non-member observing state,” he continued.

Some of the benefits have also been made by pro-Palestinian groups who pushed the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open an investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza. The pro-Palestinian group has also put pressure on several European countries to label Israeli products.

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However, this is nothing compared to the achievements of Israeli advocacy. Although the Jewish state has not invested heavily in its Foreign Ministry, diverting most of the country’s resources to the security apparatus, it has managed to win support from several international players. This is partly due to the personal relationship between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and United States (US) President Donald Trump and partly because of the country’s diplomatic efforts.


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