Werder Bremen: Yuya Osako – Quarantine Theater in Freiburg!

Bremen / Freiburg – Something must have happened to Florian Kohfeldt between Thursday late afternoon and Friday early afternoon. During this time the SV Werder Bremen coach changed his mind about Yuya Osako’s chances of getting a place in the squad for the game at SC Freiburg (1-1).

Had on Thursday Florian Kohfeldt explained at the video press conference that Yuya Osako after the end of the protective quarantine, “a clear option” is for the match. But when the team of Werder Bremen When he went to Freiburg on Friday, Osako wasn’t there. Reason: the five-day compulsory break after his international match for Japan in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Werder Bremen: Why didn’t Yuya Osako play in Freiburg?

“Yuya just couldn’t guarantee full performance now. And because we had all the players available, we decided together that he would not be there, ”said Kohfeldt after the game in Breisgau. Still, it is kind of strange that Werder Bremen on the player who was called back by the national team in order to have completed all quarantine measures on time for the Bundesliga matchday, voluntarily waived. In memory of: Yuya Osako was allowed to play against Cameroon (0-0) in the corona risk area Utrecht on October 9, but Werder forbade a mission on October 13 against the Ivory Coast. Because then the quarantine of five days made mandatory by the Bremen authorities would have prevented an operation in Freiburg.

Werder Bremen: Yuya Osako not in Freiburg after all – coach Florian Kohfeldt explains

So it came to pass Yuya Osako in quarantine, trained at home with a treadmill, ergometer and weights, according to Kohfeldt, but was ultimately not needed. The coach preferred to bet on 18-year-old Nick Woltemade in midfield. You can also see another loss of confidence in this, after all Florian Kohfeldt Also against Schalke 04 and Arminia Bielefeld not bet on Osako. Since his replacement at 1: 4 against Hertha BSC, accompanied by fan applause, the 30-year-old has played no role anymore Werder Bremen. With this, Kohfeldt is setting a trend – in principle he also wants to document that the young players get real opportunities with him. Moving someone like Osako to the second, third row is not the intention, as Kohfeldt eagerly asserted in Freiburg. Osako not in the squad – “It will definitely be different next week. Because I’m very happy to have Yuya in the squad, ”said the 38-year-old. (csa)

Last message from October 15, 2020:

After quarrels, Klaassen farewell and quarantine: Yuya Osako at Werder Bremen again “a clear option”

He certainly refrained from visiting the Osako family. It wasn’t possible, because the landlord was under quarantine. Still was Florian Kohfeldt, Trainer of SV Werder Bremen, well in the picture, how Yuya Osako trained at home as part of this quarantine.

“He was provided with fitness equipment in his own four walls – that is, a treadmill was there, a bicycle and a few weights were lying around, I think,” said Kohfeldt, who either had a webcam Yuya Osako installed (unlikely) or while skyping with the midfielder of the SV Werder Bremen (more likely) got a visual impression of the “living room” training area. In any case, Osako had the five days he had planned in the Netherlands after his international match for Japan against Cameroon quarantine spent well, said Kohfeldt: “He’s covered the basics.” On Thursday, the 30-year-old reported to the team training SV Werder Bremen back and made “a relaxed impression” according to the trainer’s perception.

Werder Bremen are much more dependent on Yuya Osako in midfield

The quarantine So apparently it didn’t hurt him, the 90-minute stint for Japan “certainly did good”, according to Kohfeldt. It was Osako’s first minutes of play after he played at the Bundesliga start of the SV Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC (1: 4) had been sneered by their own fans. Then Kohfeldt put the Japanese on the bench twice to protect him or perhaps as a reminder, only bringing him against Schalke 04 and only for seconds in the final phase. But now be Yuya Osako “A clear option” for the Werder game on Saturday (3:30 p.m. in the DeichStube live ticker) at SC Freiburg, explained Kohfeldt.

Another statement would have been surprising, after all, the 38-year-old is much stronger again after Davy Klaassen has left Yuya Osako reliant. The midfield of the SV Werder Bremen has to find himself anew – and this also includes the fact that the playmaker planned as a top performer takes on his part and demands his role in the attacking midfield again. The events on the first day of the game must no longer be a mental stumbling block, demanded Kohfeldt: “What happened touched Yuya. Because it wasn’t pleasant either. But all of us who work in this profession have to be able to do this. It is part of our being celebrated, but it is also part of getting to know the other side. “(Csa)

To the last message of October 10, 2020:

Werder Bremen: Yuya Osako in action for Japan for 90 minutes – attacker in quarantine after international match

Utrecht / Bremen – Yuya Osako played over 90 minutes in the 0-0 win for the Japanese national team against Cameroon on Friday and is now going into quarantine as planned. For the Bundesliga game against SC Freiburg, the 30-year-old attacker should be available again for SV Werder Bremen.

Yuya Osako was tested in the Japanese national team used as a center forward. The international match was played in Utrecht, the Netherlands Corona-Risikogebiet – For Osako it is now in Bremen in the prescribed five-day domestic quarantinebefore returning to the SV Werder Bremen bumps. The Japanese’s second international match on Tuesday, which will also take place in the Netherlands, will not be played by Osako after consultation with the Japanese association. For the Bundesliga game against the Sc freiburg Osako Werder should be available again on October 17th. (tst)

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