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Wengen forest road renovation: Lauterbrunnen municipal council approves 80,000 franc loan

From the Lauterbrunnen municipal council | February 3, 2024

The local council provides information about current business. For example, a loan of 80,000 francs was approved for the renovation of the Wengen forest road.

In Wengen, which belongs to the municipality of Lauterbrunnen, the forest road is being further renovated. Photo: Rolf Wegmüller

At the beginning of the year, the local council was able to elect many delegations for the 2024 to 2027 legislature. Now he was able to elect additional delegates, as the community reports. Simon von Allmen (born 1998, Lauterbrunnen) was elected to the mountain council for the rear Lauterbrunnen valley. Hans Steiner (born 1976, Lauterbrunnen) was elected as the municipality’s delegate to the Jungfrau waste recycling association, and Sven von Arx, who heads the construction department as a municipal councilor, was appointed as the responsible municipal councilor for natural hazards. He ensures the interface to the community management body (GFO).

Mettla forest roads are being renovated

After the successful renovation of three sections of the Wengen – Kleine Scheidegg forest road in 2023, it makes sense to tackle another stage. The surface of the section in the Mettla Forest area is in poor condition and should be renovated. The local council has approved a loan of 80,000 francs for this renovation work.

Periodic shelter control completed

In the event of an incident, the population can be instructed to go to the nearest shelter using a siren alarm and instructions on radio and TV. The shelters must be ready for occupancy. This is ensured with the periodic protected area control (PSK). Over the last few years, all shelters in the community have been inspected. As a formal conclusion to the PSK, a final report was prepared and sent to the Office for Civil Protection, Sport and Military of the Canton of Bern.

After evaluating all the controls, there is a very good shelter balance of 165 percent. This calculation refers to the permanent resident population of almost 2,300 residents. The number of inhabitants as of December 31, 2023 is taken into account, which falsifies the shelter balance listed above due to the many seasonal residents.

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