Wedding invitations are scattered, is this the name of Maudy Ayunda’s husband?

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Maudy Ayunda surprised the public by holding a wedding party on Sunday (22/5).

The marriage took place without the knowledge of the public and the media. Suddenly many fans were shocked by the news.

They are also curious about the wedding ceremony of Maudy and her husband whose identity is still a secret.

Now revealed Maudy’s wedding invitation which was shared on social media. The appearance of the wedding invitation was shared via Mira Lesmana’s Instagram account.

He shared a short video of the appearance of Maudy’s wedding invitation with shades of white and gray.

The full names of the 27-year-old singer are Ayunda Faza Maudy and her husband Jesse Jiseok Choi.

Wedding invitations are scattered, is this the name of Maudy Ayunda’s husband? / Photo: Instagram

“Once again. Congratulation @maudyayuunda & Jesse. You two are such a beautiful couple! I had happy tears for you. Be happy always,” Mira Lesmana wrote in her upload.

However, until now there has been no direct clarification from Maudy Ayunda regarding the figure and identity of her husband.

Maudy’s happy news managed to highlight a lot of public sympathy. They are happy for Maudy Ayunda’s wedding.

Fellow artists also congratulated Maudy Ayunda and her husband on the wedding.

“Congratulations mood!,” Rachel Amanda commented.

“SO HAPPY FOR YOU!,” wrote Vidi Aldiano who was also present at Maudy Ayunda’s wedding.

“Mooddd finally !! I am so HAPPY For you,” said Acha Septriasa.

Even Maudy Ayunda’s hashtag has become trending number one on Twitter Indonesia with more than 77 thousand tweets.

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