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Fluminense’s 1-0 victory over Fortaleza, this Sunday, at Castelão, was marked by controversy. With the help of VAR, the referee annulled two, one from each team. The CBF released this evening the video referee’s analysis of the two bids.

The two disallowed goals came in the second half. First, Fortaleza scored with Moisés, but the bid was invalidated due to Landázuri’s lack of Yago Felipe at the origin of the bid. Then the VAR pointed out that Germán Cano was offside. It was necessary to use the lines.

VAR analyzes Fortaleza’s goal against Fluminense

With the ball rolling, referee Anderson Daronco didn’t give Landázuri a foul on Yago Felipe and let the game go on. Then, in a quick counterattack, Moisés scored for Fortaleza, which would be the equalizing goal.

However, the video referee called Daronco, who reviewed the bid on VAR. The referee agreed that Landázuri prevented Yago from getting up at the origin of the play and disallowed the goal. At Central do Apito, PC Oliveira said that the goal was well annulled.

VAR analyzes Fluminense's goal against Fortaleza

VAR analyzes Fluminense’s goal against Fortaleza

In the 29th minute, it was Fluminense’s turn to have a goal disallowed. Germán Cano was thrown by Wellington, cut Matheus Jussa and hit left-handed. The VAR, however, pointed out an offside in a very difficult play, practically impossible to diagnose without the help of technology. After tracing the lines, the referee understood that the Argentine was a little ahead of the marker when he was released. Coach Fernando Diniz complained a lot about the move after the match.

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