We were not looking for a buyer for the company, the offer came by itself, says the owner Jaroslav Nejdl

Twenty years later, the Nejdl family sold their company Auto Nejdl in Klatovy. But employees and customers do not have to worry, the operation will continue to work. Only under another owner.

The premises of the Auto Nejdl company in Klatovy.

| Photo: archive of the Jan Šmucler Car Center

The beginnings of Auto Nejdl have been written since 2001. “This year, we were looking for premises for our business at the time, and there was a complex that housed Škoda car service. More than twenty employees were employed here, but the company had relatively large economic problems. Škoda wanted to leave Klatovy due to the bad results of the then company. We bought it all and we had to promise to fix everything, build it and do it fast. Skoda cars were still sold here, but the area was terribly large so that there was only one brand, “said Jaroslav Nejdl about the beginnings of the company.

In the following years, they decided to bring other brands to Klatovy. They added Citroën, in 2004 Hyundai, in 2011 Renault with Dacia. “Then we fell silent for five years because we got into a dispute with Hyundai, like many other dealers, so we couldn’t sell these cars. It was a dark period for us. But then the management in Prague was changed and we built a new showroom for Hyundai here last year and our cooperation continues, “commented the owner.

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According to him, Auto Nejdl sold about a thousand cars, including used cars, a year. About ten thousand orders a year passed through the service. They increased the number of employees to seventy. Nevertheless, the owners decided to end their activities in the city under the Black Tower. “There are several reasons. We did not offer the company for sale anywhere, but an interested party came who wants to form a large, strong unit in the automotive industry. Because he is strong in Pilsen, we, as the dominant entity in the Klatovy region, fit into his plans. They were very interested. Everything happened probably even faster than we expected, “said Tomáš Nejdl, who now led the company.

Despite the sale, all employees have a certain place. “The new owner of Autocentrum Jan Šmucler buys this company because he likes what we do, he also has a vision to expand services. Employees do not have to worry about their place, “remarked Tomáš Nejdl, adding that the services for customers remain the same.

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Jaroslav Nejdl is glad that the company will continue. “I have long since reached retirement age and something must end one day. I wanted someone who would go on with dignity to keep the same value for our customers and employees. We respect everyone. Some people work with us for a long time. It can be said that the offer came at the right time. We would certainly not sell the company to developers, “concluded Nejdl.

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