RMC leaks a private audio of Thauvin who humiliates Marseille, Twitter ignites

It’s vacation time for most of the world’s footballers in Europe. In the other continents, the calendars are very different. This is particularly the case in South and Central America. Regarding Mexico, the championship will soon resume. This recovery is important for a well-known player in our Ligue 1: Florian Thauvin. For a few months, the world champion has been playing at the Tigres, a club in which he was able to find André-Pierre Gignac. However, Thauvin had the possibility of staying at Olympique de Marseille last season.

But the former Bastia preferred to decline the Marseille proposal to go to Mexico. Invited on RMC in recent hours, Thauvin spoke about his choice to leaveABOUT. But off the air, he had harsh words for the city of Marseille …

Thauvin criticizes Marseille

While he thought his microphone was off, Thauvin and a few RMC consultants, including Jérôme Rothen, like to talk about some of the Frenchman’s picks. It was then that the former OM player confessed that he had not stayed in Marseille because he and his wife could not imagine letting their two-year-old son go to school in a city like Marseille, where according to him there is too much insecurity. “When I got the extension offer from OM, I said to myself that my son is 2 years old, it’s not possible for him to go to school in Marseille like that.

Me and my wife couldn’t take it anymore,” said Thauvin. Listen:

Internet users furious

On social networks, including Twitter, Internet users responded en masse to this unfortunate departure from Thauvin.

We could see in particular as comments on Twitter :

  • “Whether we’re on the air or not, it’s just shameful to have a player talk about his private life. Personally, what interests me is what Thauvin does on the pitch, the rest is his life and that’s up to him. Another journalistic disgrace.”
  • “That’s why you will never be one of our thauvin, mentality of submissive svceurs without pride is incompatible with Marseille. Even that you do not understand! In fact you understand nothing”
  • “This gu*gnol de thauvin did not see himself raising his son in Marseille so he left to raise him in Mexico. The country of 5 kidnappings a day”
  • “It would have been something other than #thauvin, it wouldn’t have made the same noise (direct top tweet.. huh”
  • “I’m not raising your child in Marseille in the middle of dingoes and everything! Hey! Already, I call it discrimination, and it’s not even that #Thauvin catches up with him in these words. He validates, and boasts of luck raising your child somewhere else… Pitiful!”

Note that even the Mayor of Marseille Benoît Payan reacted to the exit of Thauvin and declared on Twitter : “Good evening RMC, for information: OM is the biggest French club, Marseille its most beautiful city and the Marseillais its most incredible people. Good evening.” That is clear !


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