“We want to give visibility to the sector”

This group of students of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication tell how it all started when their teacher, Paulino Pérez, He raised the premise of creating a format for a television entertainment program with culture as the main theme. The #SomosCultura movement was born within the framework of the subject of “Carrying out entertainment programs”, however, it would soon become much more than class work.

The students directed the project to conceive a program that would give visibility to creators in the culture sector. They decided to bet on online platforms, so they began to upload the episodes through Youtube, which include, among other things, interviews with professionals and testimonies from owners of cultural exhibition venues.

The main objective of Somos Cultura is to make visible the situation of a sector that, along with others, has suffered a lot in recent months, and continues to do so. “We see that the bars are closed, but it’s not just the bars. The concert halls too, for example. If we can’t go to see the best known artists, imagine those who are just starting out. In the end everyone has to start somehow“, says Carlos Cerecedo, a member of the Somos Cultura TV team.

Currently Somos Cultura TV is present in practically all social networks. Count on TikTok, Facebook e Instagram, accumulating in the latter more than 2,000 followers.

A dissemination platform for the Galician cultural sector

“Although the course has already finished, we want to continue growing and for it to be a project with continuity, which does not remain in a simple class work”, assures Carlos. To this day, these Audiovisual Communication students continue to publish informative content regarding the Galician cultural scene on their social networks and they continue working on the premiere of new episodes for YouTube.

From musicians to audiovisual creators, Somos Cultura TV seeks to become a broadcast platform for the Galician cultural sectorespecially for novice authors and smaller music groups.

They assure that the response is being very positive on the part of all those who begin to know them, they have received messages from creators of all kinds. “Every day we get messages from people thanking us and telling us that they want to participate. People from the world of cuisine have even spoken to us, gastronomic culture is also very important in Galicia“, they count.

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They are very grateful for the support shown from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, “All the professors got involved, gave us the contacts and helped us. The university allowed us to use the necessary material, without it we could not have done it”.

“Now everything has to be through the internet”

From Somos Cultura TV they affirm that they are already preparing the next publications for their social networks, in which their followers will be able to meet, among other contents, different emerging musical groups on the Galician scene. “We are going to start making short videos telling the stories of those little creators who are starting out and who, in one way or another, suffer the difficulties that exist now”, they affirm from the movement.

In this group, they highlight the need to support artists through the internet and social networks. In a setting where filling concert halls or cinemas has become difficult and dangerous, the internet has become the main ally, thanks to the ease with which it allows to reach the general public. “Imagine that your favorite group could not have started playing in a room. Now everything has to be through the internet”, they explain from Somos Cultura.

Faced with an uncertain future for the reality of some aspects of the cultural panorama, these students from the University of Vigo have not stopped working every day to contribute their grain of sand to a sector of which they themselves are part. “We want people to see that sometimes with nothing, through the internet, you can reach thousands of people,” the students say.

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