We publish a letter informing the Egyptian Olympic Committee of all federations of Mortada Mansour’s punishment

The Egyptian Olympic Committee sent an official letter to all sports federations, informing them of the decisions of the Olympic Committee and the sanctions imposed by Ali Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, during the last emergency meeting of the committee last Sunday, where the committee asked the federations to start implementing the sanctions.

The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee met, last Sunday, to consider the outcome of the investigation of the complaints submitted by the president of the Al-Ahly club, the former president of Zamalek club, the deputy and members of the board of directors of the Zamalek club, the Egyptian Football Association, and the head of the main referees committee of the Egyptian Football Association Football, the Egyptian Handball Federation, and a number of sports figures, all of whom are affected by the president of the Zamalek Club insulting, slandering and insulting them and the sports institutions they represent, using the Zamalek satellite channel, which he removed from its sporting role, as well as social media.

Olympic Speech to Federations

Olympic federations speech (2)
Olympic Speech to Federations

The investigations carried out by the judge / head of the investigation committee and the head of the Court of Appeal in the violations dealt with in the investigation, which was registered under Number 13 of 2020, the investigation was limited, to the confirmation of the violations attributed to him, which constituted a flagrant violation of the Egyptian and international constitution, laws and charters, which has become the basis for the demolition of values And the sporting ideals, and a waste of the sublime meanings that civilized nations produce from sport, and this matter that the Egyptian Olympic Committee had to stand up to no matter how often, and not to be complacent in confronting it so that it does not turn into a general behavior that the ugly becomes good, and is a destruction of the Egyptian youth and youth. The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Committee decided unanimously to approve the conclusion of the investigation committee’s memorandum of imposing the following penalties on Mortada Ahmed Mohamed Mansour, President of Zamalek Sports Club:

– First :

Mortada Ahmed Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zamalek Sports Club, stopped practicing any sporting activity in Egypt for a period of four years (4 years) and was fined an amount of one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds only, with the consequences of that, which are in particular the following:

A – Not approving his representation of the Zamalek Sports Club in front of others and the judiciary regarding the club.

B – Not to assume the presidency of any meetings or general assemblies or the board of directors of Zamalek Sports Club for the duration of the suspension.

C – Not counting his signature on any procedure or correspondence, or anything else related to the Zamalek Club, especially the financial issues or authorization therein, and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zamalek Sports Club and members of the Board of Directors must call for the first ordinary general assembly that includes an item for elections for vacant seats, in particular. Chair seat.

The decision shall take effect from its date, and all parties to the complaints subject to the decision shall be notified thereof.

And that the central administrative authority and the competent administrative authority shall be notified of this decision in order to implement their affairs.

Secondly :

Inform the Public Prosecution of the facts contained in the investigations – which constitute a criminal offense – in order to implement its affairs regarding it.

Third :

Inform the Supreme Council for Media Regulation to carry out its affairs regarding what is being broadcast on the Zamalek satellite channel of words and phrases that constitute an offense to public modesty in violation of the Media Honor Charter.

In this regard, we cannot fail to point out that the complaint submitted today to the Egyptian Olympic Committee as the competent authority according to the laws and regulations of the Zamalek Club against the officials of the Al-Ahly club immediately took its natural course by referring it to the Clubs, Sports Authorities and Values ​​Committee to implement its affairs.

And the Egyptian Olympic Committee, while exercising its role set forth in the constitution, Egyptian law and international charters, calls on the masses of those belonging to the sports community to adhere to the sporting values ​​and ethics that should be characteristic of all who belong to the sports milieu in order for Egyptian sport to achieve its desired role in building our dear Egypt, which is witnessing the building of human beings Al-Masry, under the guidance and care of the political leadership, who appreciates and supports sport and its values ​​as one of the most important means of building and attending nations.


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