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“We have been ready for two weeks”

If he understands the difficulty in setting up the vaccination campaign, the mayor of Pont-à-Mousson does not hide his bitterness at the slowness with which it is put in place by the State services and the ARS. “In Pont-à-Mousson, we have been ready for fifteen days”, he explains, insisting on “the difficulties of the communes to have a real legibility on the local variation to be put in place”.

The mayor of Pont-à-Mousson does not hide his anger at what he calls “a two-speed vaccination”: “Nancy has already started, while in rural communities, it is taking place. This has caused the inhabitants of rural areas to worry about not being vaccinated ”.

The vaccination of voluntary residents of the Magot retirement home is about to be completed.  Photo ER / Emmanuel VACCARO

237 people vaccinated on January 14

The first administration of the vaccine was carried out at the Magot-de-Rogéville retirement home on January 7. Since then, almost all of the residents who volunteered received their first injection. As of January 14, 7 days later, 237 people had been vaccinated. Among them, 40 liberal doctors out of the 6,800 of the department.

For people staying at the Philippe-de-Gueldre residence, vaccination will begin next week.

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