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Bremen Senate: 30 million euros for climate protection projects – news from Bremen

The use of cargo bikes should be financially supported. (Gregor Fischer / dpa)

The red-green-red Senate wants to set accents in terms of climate policy. This Tuesday he is discussing a list of climate protection projects that are to be paid for from a special fund in the state budget. A decision may not yet be reached because the SPD raised objections at short notice on Monday.

The project was initiated by the coalition parties in the course of budget discussions for 2020/21. The idea at the time: a so-called “Climate Protection Action Field” is defined outside the individual households of the senatorial authorities. Equipped with a total of 30 million euros for both years, this special fund should be available to all departments – not just the environmental authority, but also, for example, the interior department if it wants to procure company bicycles.

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Too much activity could not initially be seen in the “Climate Protection Action Area”. After the environmental authority had asked the other Senate departments in writing in April 2020 to submit applications for the 30 million pot, a month later there was practically nothing, so the deadline had to be extended.

The applications, which were then gradually received by the environmental department, showed a “very different quality”, as stated in the submission for the Senate meeting this Tuesday. In plain language: In some of the 144 projects that were suggested, you had to use a lot of imagination to identify a relationship to climate protection, while other applications did not provide any information on the achievable CO2 savings. In November of last year there was still no coordinated project catalog, to which the CDU opposition reacted with scorn and ridicule.

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But now there is the list of projects. The environmental authority has examined the measures and assessed the climate impact. The expected reduction in CO2 emissions was calculated in accordance with professionally recognized standards. In the end, the experts from Senator Maike Schaefer (Greens) sorted the projects according to the highest carbon dioxide savings per euro invested.

The catalog includes, among other things, the retrofitting of lighting for sports fields. Conventional lamps are to be exchanged for LED lights. The aim is to subsidize cargo bikes – so-called cargo bikes – for 1.1 million euros. 550,000 euros are allotted to preparatory measures for the procurement of synthetically produced, “green” kerosene for airport operations. The science and ports authority asked for this project to be included in the “Climate Protection Action Field”. The same authority was awarded the contract to replace the motors in ventilation systems at the university (300,000 euros). The projects with the highest individual funding include the partial energetic renovation of the school on Leher Markt in Bremerhaven (2.9 million euros) and the installation of photovoltaic systems on public buildings (1.7 million euros).

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From the point of view of the State Councilor for the Environment, Ronny Meyer, the projects “cover the breadth of efforts that we have to make for climate protection”. Projects were selected from the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energies, savings, nutrition and transport. Meyer is convinced that the program will broaden the political basis for climate protection. This is namely “not only the task of the Senator for the Environment, but the whole Senate”.

The pure project funding only accounts for a good half of the total financial volume of 30 million euros. A part flows into the staff. 24 new jobs are to be created or further financed in the area of ​​climate protection, including for allotment gardens / urban greenery, for open space planning and the “Solar Cities” project. 5.9 million euros are available for this. A further seven million euros are to be kept in reserve for co-financing projects that Bremen has applied for from the federal government and the EU.

Down to business

Climate adaptation

The 30 million euro pot is also to be used to finance some measures that do not serve to protect the climate in the narrower sense, but to adapt the city to climate change. A good 2.3 million euros are earmarked for this. Among other things, this involves simulating the microclimate in urban planning, setting up a “regional central office for climate adaptation” and setting up a warning system to protect the population from extreme weather events. A risk analysis on the effects of climate change on Bremen’s waters is also planned.

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