We grow where we are given room to grow, other languages ​​have opened possibilities for me, Neeraj Madhav

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Don’t we grow where we have room to grow? Other languages ​​opened possibilities for me: Neeraj Madhav

Actor Neeraj Madhav says he will not get roles in Malayalam where he can grow as an actor. The actor also said that this is why he is moving away from Malayalam cinema to other languages. Neeraj said these things in an interview with Popperstop Malayalam.

“In the beginning, all I did was comedy characters. I felt like I needed a break from it. It’s not because I don’t like comedy. .

And so they wait and make movies like Mexican Aparata and Oomha. I want to grow as an actor. But even after this movie, these characters didn’t come to me. There’s no point in waiting for the rest of us to discover the potential within us.

We must first recognize it ourselves. So I found my skills in other languages. Then I thought it would be better to make films in other languages ​​than to play the role of mediator here. I will act in any language that opens up acting possibilities for me.

As I said before, we should try to grow as actors. Nobody told you to do it from one place. We grow where we have room to grow,’ Neeraj Madhav

Sundari Gardens directed by Charlie Davis was Neeraj’s last Malayalam film. The film starring Aparna Balamurali as the female lead was released on Sony Live. Binu Pappu, Vijayaraghavan, Jude Antony etc. They played other notable characters in the film.

The actor is now looking to become active in languages ​​like Hindi and Tamil. The Hindi web series Family Man released on Amazon Prime has received an overwhelming response.

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