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“We don’t have an “anti-model” in right-wing populism” – 2024-02-27 19:28:23

«The far-right bloc is growing stronger. And the plan to destroy Europe from within is now in a position to implement it. The struggle does not end when organizations such as Golden Dawn disband. Right-wing extremism is transforming and responding to repression with innovation,” says Dr. Andreas Chik, scientific director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG) and the Conflict Academy (ConflictA) at the University of Bielefeld in Germany. In view of the advance of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the European elections, the German expert does not rule out the necessity of constitutional reform in the country. “The established parties in Germany have not developed a counter-model to right-wing populism,” he adds. He also considers the “inability” of the established parties in the EU to “offer a hopeful and convincing picture of Europe for the future” a critical factor.

Is your forecast for the European elections ominous?

“According to the latest poll, the AfD can emerge as the second strongest party, after the Christian Democrats, with 22%. Like other right-wing populist and far-right parties, the AfD can easily score points with its anti-European stance because the rest of the established parties offer little hope for the future, which of course strengthens those who want to dismantle the EU from within.”

In the September elections, in the states of Thuringia, Brandenburg and Saxony, the forecasts show the AfD as the first party. What would such a victory mean practically?

“It is often overlooked that the AfD is already having an impact. Participates in committees, sets the agenda for many discussions, organizes and builds structures. He is already trying to occupy the parliament with hundreds of applications and investigations. This paralyzes many ministries more than we think, while it is influential.”

Judicial officials appealed to the government against the AfD in Thuringia, pointing to the threat to the liberal state. Do they imply amending or strengthening Article 18 (to revoke fundamental rights of a far-right politician)? Is the current Constitution insufficiently protective?

“Currently the amendment of Article 18 is being discussed in Germany. Sections of the AfD are characterized by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution as far-right and therefore a threat to the system. Article 18 is intended to make democracy “defensible”. It allows, for example, the withdrawal of the fundamental rights of a far-right politician such as Thuringia AfD MP Bjerg Hecke because he wants to abolish democracy.”

Nevertheless, he is a candidate in the upcoming elections.

“It is not legally clear whether he is no longer allowed to run for office or hold certain offices. What is certain is that the more strongly the AfD is represented in parliaments and assumes office, the more defensive the courts must become. Article 18 must indeed be sufficient and it must be considered whether an extension is needed.’

But what will happen next if the elections verify the looming dynamics of the AfD?

“The party will assume high offices, which will change the parliamentary and democratic system. Law enforcement agencies have already developed various scenarios that show that things are changing.”

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