“We are gladiators!” WBO European champion Richard Bolotnik for belt defense, Deer fighting and tragedies in the boxing ring – Martial arts – Apollo.lv – Sports

During the conversation with Richard, we touched on several topics, as well as launched a new podcast section “Choose what you want”, in which our guest must choose the one closest to him from the two options offered.

In the continuation of the podcast, we discussed Richard’s own upcoming battle against José Berton. As well as sometimes do not explain the division of boxers in different organizations. We then talk about injuries and fatalities in the boxing ring, looking at the boxer’s perspective on these issues.

At the end of the podcast, we invited Richard to analyze the upcoming battle of Mair Deer within the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) against Juniel Dorticus.

Audio: Podcast “In the Square, It’s on the Tongue” Episode # 07

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