“We accelerate on vaccines. Quick buffers? We start after the tired phase”

The screening campaign will start on Thursday which will allow all those enrolled in the regional health care system to carry out a rapid swab or serological test in partner pharmacies at a price of 15 euros. A medical prescription will not be required: just book at the pharmacy and show up for the appointment, provided that you have no symptoms or have come into contact with positive people at Covid. The president of the Order of Pharmacists of Forlì-Cesena Alessandro Malossi takes stock of the situation in ForlìToday and CesenaToday, starting from the causes of the delay of this campaign (the start was originally scheduled for last Monday). “Lepida, or the platform on which we report all the data, has not yet been updated, while from tomorrow everything should be fine. The data must have its own logic and its own traceability “.

The screening campaign

After a decrease in January, the request for serological tests returns with more force: “The requests have increased again. There had been a huge influx over the Christmas period to see if it was possible to go to relatives’ homes on that occasion. Then there was a moment of ‘tired’, the reopening of the schools favored this situation, I am convinced that from next week we will be back to do many serological tests ”. The screening campaign aimed at students and their families continues, in which the latter participated more than the former: “There was a greater influx of parents and school staff. Students are the least sensitive to Covid speech. The schools are well organized, the problems are outside of them, like transport ”.

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Vaccinations, the proposal

To optimize the Covid vaccination campaign, Malossi proposes a precise strategy: “I am a supporter of the use of pharmacies and also of general practitioners. If we want to vaccinate the entire population in quick terms we must use all possible tools. If we used the approximately 60,000 facilities including pharmacies and general practitioners’ surgeries, we would be able to have numbers of vaccines like the British ones. I learned that 620,000 people were vaccinated in England in one day. It is clear that an operation of this type should make pharmacists and doctors available to increase working hours, in order to be able to meet the population ”.

“We should speed up the user’s access to the vaccine – closes Malossi – once the vaccines can be spread at low temperatures, which can be stored in clinics and pharmacies, the best of life would be a computer system that allows us to understand if the user ‘has done, should do it or is entitled to it. This would be the way to do a vaccination chain, after training colleagues. It is the only way we have to vaccinate the population without cost increases ”.

Free quick pads: the audience of those entitled to them grows

On the basis of the agreement of last December, from the 21st of the same month it was possible to carry out fast swabs free of charge in the pharmacy for a whole series of identified targets: schoolchildren and students (0-18 years and adults if they attend upper secondary school); their parents, even if separated and / or not living together and guardians / custodians of the pupils / students; sisters / brothers of the students; other cohabiting family members of pupils / students; grandparents not living together with schoolchildren / students; university students even if they attend universities outside the region; students of VET (Education and Professional Training) paths; school staff of schools of all levels and educational services 0-3 years; personnel of the professional training institutions that provide VET courses; pharmacists participating in the project; people with disabilities, who collaborate and are able to wear the mask; cohabiting family members of people with disabilities.

In addition to these segments of the population, the Regional Council has identified others, namely: educators who work in extracurricular services, in youth centers, oratories, scouts, playrooms, and instructors and coaches of youth sports clubs in the area; volunteers from third sector associations who assist lonely elderly people or people with disabilities; family caregivers who care for the elderly or people with disabilities.

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Quick swab every 15 days: for whom

Finally, pupils, students, school staff and professional training institutions that provide VET courses will be able to undergo the rapid swab every 15 days instead of once a month: this is to ensure greater protection against the resumption of school activities in the presence.


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