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It has been described that up to 50% of children and adolescents can have COVID-19 infection without presenting symptomsTherefore, their stay at school, and interaction with their families, could be a factor for the increase in infections, which can even become an endless cycle in the eradication of this disease.

The The child population is not exempt from the infection and could even develop severe complications. such as multisystem inflammatory syndrome, a disease in which the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs can become inflamed. Most cases resolve with medical attention, but others can be fatal .

For this reason, the importance of communicating the measures to stop the transmission of the virus. To achieve this, it is extremely important that the pediatric vaccination (from six months) against COVID-19 becomes a priority public health action and that each country can supply itself.

In addition to this, there are currently safe and effective vaccines for children that are applied successfully in other countries. An example of this is the pediatric vaccine from Moderna, a pioneer company and leader in the development of mRNA technology approved and applied to pediatric populations in many countries around the world. While, in Latin America, countries such as Argentina, Peru, Chile and Paraguay have Moderna vaccines as part of their vaccination programs, both for children and adults.

Las mRNA vaccines they are designed using the sequence of the virus, not by inserting a weakened or inactivated version of the virus itself. The mRNA vaccines contain instructions on how to make a protein that mimics a part of the new virus. With this plan, cells in the body build proteins and display them to the immune system. Immune cells notice that these are foreign proteins and react to mount an immune response to protect themselves against the virus.

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According to UNICEF, COVID-19 vaccines are safe and they have been used to vaccinate billions of people and although these are a great help, we must not forget to respect hygiene measures to prevent contagion: stay home while sick, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow folded or into a tissue when coughing or sneezing; dispose of used tissues immediately and wash hands with soap and water frequently .Hand in this, the Dr. Yamile Sandoval Sánchezmedical manager of the Asofarma Vaccine Unit indicates that it should be motivate the little one to clean their spacesespecially high-touch surfaces (railings, dining room tables, sports equipment, windows, toys, teaching materials…), this to eliminate the virus that may be in those spaces, in addition to continuing to respect the handwashing and the tips above.


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