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Wavy, spoiled and pleasant like an asshole! Fans went to Ledecká

Mostly fans at Ester Ledecké do not spare praise and words of appreciation, but this time everything was different. She outraged many of them with her focused, for many bored, expression at the signing of the pile of cards she sent out to her supporters. She spooned Nutella and drank it with Red Bull, which some of her followers also had something to say.

A post that she wanted to greet her fans and show them how she spends Saturday mornings when she is not skiing or snowboarding. “What are your plans for the weekend?” Ledecká asked. Most of the followers shared their plans with them in their comments, but there were also a lot of diggers who had a few reproaches.

“I hope Esther meant it, otherwise it would (a drop of signatures) be a little awkward for me,” said one of the posts. “A little spoiled behavior,” another writes. Yes, Esther doesn’t look too enthusiastic about signing, but rather very annoyed, but if you look at that pile of cards on the table, which one of you would laugh at the 100th signature?

Esther was little valid at the end of the video, she smiled fondly at the fans and hugged a pile of signed cards, the diggers were caliber and went even further with the comments. “She’s as nice as an asshole,” wrote one of the fans.

Others do not like the obvious product placement on the RedBull brand, which has long sponsored Ledecká, as well as eating Nutella. “Ugh the bastard, how can you eat it,” writes one of the disgusted fans. But many are defending and comforting Ledecká from doing anything like this.

Ledecká has had the first race of the season on skis, but she did not do very well in the giant slalom in Sölden, Austria, and was only in the top ten. It will not be presented in the World Cup again until December 3, when the Lake Louise convention is scheduled.

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