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Watch the latest Xbox accessibility news featured at the Xbox Accessibility Showcase

Xbox unveiled the second annual edition of the Xbox accessibility showcase. Presented by Steve SaylorThe Showcase is about sharing the latest Xbox news on video game accessibility and, in the words of Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming“making games accessible to over 400 million players with disabilities, including adapting our games and platforms … providing developers with accessibility tools and best practices to create communities where people feel safe, welcome and represented .

Next, we leave you a summary with some of the latest accessibility news, which you can read more about here:

  • Xbox extends the Microsoft Game Accessibility Testing Service (MGATS) with an option focused on players with disabilities. This service will focus on providing game developers with direct feedback and feedback from players with disabilities on key scenarios, menu navigation and settings within their games. This is ideal for studios that want to get feedback from the disabled community about accessibility in their games, but aren’t ready for MGATS’s full test of Xbox’s 20+ accessibility guidelines.
  • An update to the touch controls on the Xbox accessibility guidelineswhich includes appropriate practices in relation to touch interfaces in mobile video games.
  • An update of the Xbox accessibility support page to easily find the accessibility features available on Xbox and PC and how to use them. The new page will include information on over 20 accessibility features on PC and console (such as how to use the Copilot feature on PC) so players can spend less time figuring out how to use a certain feature or device and more time playing.
  • The new Path Explore Xbox Ambassador Accessibility, designed to teach Xbox Ambassadors more about accessibility. It’s also a fun way to interact with other users, test the accessibility features of both the platform and the games, learn more about industry leaders, gamers with disabilities, and learn about accessibility best practices. New missions will be added each season.
  • An overview of accessibility features in upcoming titles, such as point and click narrative play Flower stories or Repentancethe narrative adventure of Obsidian Entertainment, among others.

For more information on the Xbox Accessibility Showcase and how Xbox supports the community of players with disabilities, click here.

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