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Warning on WhatsApp shocked: attack by corona masks soaked in narcotics?

Masks, narcotics and robbery: A chain letter is currently circulating on WhatsApp that scares people. We explain what this is all about.

  • Again and again are troubling Chain letters at WhatsApp* in circulation.
  • However, these often contain incorrect information.
  • Now a message is circulating on WhatsApp, in front of scammers with dangerous Corona* Masks is warned.

Kassel – Always in circulation Chain letters in the web. This is intended to call on users to forward the messages. Finally, a message also contributed WhatsApp about soaked in narcotics Corona Masks for a stir.

Often chain letters are designed to spread fear or even to contain misinformation. So also this message WhatsAppthat warns of an absurd scam. It says that scammers pretend to be local authorities and free Masks in times of Corona-Pandemie to distribute.

Chain letters keep circulating in news apps like WhatsApp. Finally, there is a warning against fraudsters with dangerous corona masks.

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Chain letter on WhatsApp: content scares users

They ask their victims one mask put on. But this should be soaked in anesthetic to rob those affected. At the end of WhatsApp message the author points out that the Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) also reported on the incidents. This is apparently supposed to convey the seriousness of the chain letter. There is nothing to the assertion, however.

The content of the chain letter is fictitious. In the police such cases have never been reported. This is reported by nordbayern.de.

This chain letter about dangerous corona masks is currently circulating on WhatsApp.

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False messages on WhatsApp: Users should not forward information

Overall, users should be careful with such messages. Do not just forward the chain letter, but rather check the content of the message and inquire at reputable news portals. Enlightenment is in Corona times especially important, which is why you should make the sender of the message aware of this.

Who such Chain letter simply forwarding it can help spread fake news. News posted at WhatsApp have already been forwarded frequently, can be recognized by a double arrow in the upper right corner. This shows that the message is usually not from a close contact.

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Chain letter on WhatsApp: Distribution can be a criminal offense

Sending a chain letter can even be punishable under certain circumstances, as reported by polizei-beratung.de. The author or sender is liable to prosecution if in the WhatsApp message Violence is threatened or contains instructions on violence.

WhatsApp only recently hit the headlines. The Messenger changes the privacy policy. However, after violent protests, the forced update does not come into force for the time being. (Karolin Schaefer) * hna.de is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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