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Warning: “Brain fog” during working age results in decreased brain function.

Department of Medical Services by the Neurology Institute Revealed to be the effects of a decline in brain function. Makes you unable to concentrate. Thinks more slowly or forgets easily Including the mental state Affecting daily activities, working or socializing It is recommended that you seek advice and be examined by a doctor.

On November 17, 2023 Dr. Weerawut Imsamran, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services Revealed that in the present era society must be more competitive. Working with a race against time It makes you less likely to take care of your health. As a result, working people often have to face illness. It interferes with living life, career, and social interaction. If not counting physical illnesses, there are also mental illnesses. and nervous system Especially the problem of worsening memory that should normally be found in the elderly but occurs in the working age. This causes concern about whether we will develop dementia at a young age or not. This condition is called “Brain fog” is a syndrome that usually consists of worsening short-term memory problems. Attention deficit, inability to focus on anything for long periods of time, often results in decreased working and planning skills. As a result, this condition is often clearly found in working age people. which requires quite a lot of thinking skills and memory When in doubt about this condition You should see a doctor to evaluate the cause.

Dr. Thanin Wechachapinan, Director of the Neurology Institute Added that The causes of this condition are different from memory problems in the elderly. This is a cause that can be fixed unlike dementia, for example.
1. Stress from work A lot of workload and not enough rest Lack of time to relax and socialize
2. Psychiatric conditions Especially depression, which is more common nowadays. Depression is often characterized by short-term memory impairment.
3. Many physical diseases such as hormonal abnormalities, anemia, malnutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure. Migraine headaches, etc.
4. Use of certain types of drugs, such as alcohol addiction, sleeping pills, antihistamines, certain painkillers, etc.
5. Currently, there are reports of this condition being found. In more patients after recovering from COVID-19, it is classified as a neurological symptom found in the Long COVID syndrome group, which requires further study.

For those who suspect this condition, you can observe the symptoms yourself that you have a short memory problem. Lack of concentration to the point of interfering with daily life, working, or socializing Including friends and close people, you may notice that the working conditions have suddenly deteriorated to the point of being obvious. Patients should see a doctor to evaluate symptoms, causes, and treatment. The principles of treatment will focus on correcting the cause, such as treating physical illnesses well. Refrain from using drugs and addictive substances. Treat depression Patients should get adequate rest. both sleeping and having time to rest Eat nutritious food Exercise regularly It will help both treat and prevent this condition very well.

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