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War in Ukraine. Latest information on May 7 [papildināts 09:05]

Live text – short and concise on the highlights of Russia’s war in Ukraine on May 7. For the third month in a row, Ukraine has been heroically defending its land against the aggressor’s invasion.

09.05. US President Joe Biden announced on Friday a new US weapons package worth $ 150 million to help Ukraine repel the Russian invasion.

07.19. The UN Security Council (UN) unanimously adopted the first declaration on Ukraine on Friday since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion on 24 February, supporting UN Secretary-General Antoni Gutheres’ efforts to find a “peaceful solution” to the war.

05.45. Authorities in the federal state of Berlin have banned the display of Ukrainian flags and other Ukrainian symbols during the commemorations of May 8 and 9, equating them with Russian and Donbass separatist symbols. millions of Ukrainians have died in this war. However, on Friday night, Berlin police sent the organizers a document banning the use of any Ukrainian emblem during visits to World War II memorials. The presence of representatives of Ukrainian organizations in these facilities was also banned.

03.11. Italian authorities have confiscated the scheherazade “Scheherazade” linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Italian government said on Friday night.

01.45. The US Department of Defense will sign a contract worth 17.8 million US dollars (16.9 million euros) for the production and shipment of unmanned Switchblade aircraft to Ukraine, a ministry spokesman said at a news conference on Friday.

00.10. Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kharkiv region on Friday have regained control of five settlements – Alexandrovka, Fedorovka, Ukrainka, Shestakov and Pobeda, the Ukrainian Army General Staff reported on Friday. In the Kharkiv region, control over the village of Cherkasy Tishka was also partially regained.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, several units of the Russian army in the Bryansk region of Russia are preparing to take part in hostilities on Ukrainian territory.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces also reports that the enemy continues to suffer significant loss of life and equipment.

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