Wake-up service 17/9: Session Brabant torture chambers • PC Hooft prize awarded

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What can you expect today?

  • The first pro forma session in the controversial case surrounding the Brabant torture chambers that in July discovered by the police. Six suspects are in custody.
  • Prime Minister Rutte will discuss the second day of the General Political Reflections in the House of Representatives the budget next year. The financial plans are mainly dominated by the corona crisis. Everything can be followed all day long on NPO 1 and on our site and app.
  • European Commissioner Frans Timmermans presents his plans to achieve a CO2 reduction of 55 percent by 2030. The EU wants to give Europe a technological pioneering role in the world in this area.
  • Tonight the PC Hooft Prize will be awarded to writer, lawyer and philosopher Maxim February. The prize is one of the most prestigious prizes in the Dutch language area. The presentation can be followed from 8 p.m. on the website of the Literature museum.

What did you miss?

During the extensive EncroChat investigation into encrypted messaging between criminals, the police are on corruption within their own organization. The police have confirmed this after reports about it The Telegraph. A specially composed anti-corruption team must now investigate the abuses.

“Although ‘flat servants’ are of all times, it seems that corruption is increasing in size rather than decreasing”, says police chief Henk van Essen. “Rotten apples that help criminals and bear responsibility for the consequences thereof. Corruption is like concrete rot. And there is no room for that at the police.”

There are signs that information from the police and other investigative services has been leaked to criminals. How often that has happened and what information has succeeded remains to be investigated. And that will be quite a task, because it involves 23 million messages that have to be looked through.

Other news from the night:

And then this:

A man from Malaysia had lost his phone and, he says, found it with a video and selfies of a monkey. He suspects that the monkey ran off with his phone when he was sleeping.

The day after the man noticed his phone was gone, his father saw a monkey near their home. Then when the man called his own phone, he heard it ringing in the mud in his backyard. One plus one was two for him.

When he checked his phone, that suspicion was confirmed:

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