Wakasek Explains the Chronology of OTT Issues at SMKN 5 Bandung


The West Java Extortion Saber Task Force Team reportedly carried out a hand arrest operation (OTT) at SMKN 5 Bandung. The school vehemently denied the news and confirmed that there was no OTT there.

The school then explained the chronology of the arrival of the Pungli Saber Team to SMK 5 Bandung. They said the team had come to ask the public for complaints regarding the scouting fees for students who passed the 2022 PPDB.

“The saber extortionists actually came on the second day after the first day, they got a complaint from one of the students’ parents who were not satisfied (regarding scout fees). And we conveyed a clear chronology as to what it was like,” said the Deputy Head of Student Affairs for SMK 5 The city of Bandung Erwin Basuki when met detikJabar at school, Jl Bojongkoneng, Bandung City, Friday (24/6/2022).

Erwin stated that after the PPDB the school did provide information to parents about the planned scout camp activity at SMK 5 Bandung on July 18, 2022. There are several requirements that must be met by parents, one of which is fees for these activities.

Finally, there were several parents of students whom he said took the initiative to deposit the payment money to the school. However, the man who also serves as the head of PPDB SMK 5 Bandung did not mention how much the parents had to pay for scouting activities.

“Because there were some parents who had brought money, they said they were afraid of running out of money, so they left it with us for fear of running out of money first. Finally, the information developed as if from us there was coercion, which is not true,” he said.

Then the West Java Extortion Saber Team came to SMK 5 to clarify the information. Erwin said the team had BAP a number of officials, including the school principal and himself for the complaint.

However, he reiterated that there was no OTT carried out by the Pungli Saber Team at that time. The BAP even took place in the school environment and the majority was filled with casual chats with officials of SMK 5 Bandung.

“So there really wasn’t any OTT, because we had a relaxed conversation at that time. The principal, I was in the BAP, but I was still in the school environment. Those who received the first money from parents’ deposits were also in the BAP, but nothing was OTT, ” he insisted.

Regarding the news that Rp 40 million was also secured, Erwin once again emphasized that this was not true. Some of the scouting fees have already been received from the parents of the students, then handed over to the principal to make it safer.

“So the money was collected, rather than later in the safe, it was collected at the principal,” he explained. However, Erwin did not mention the nominal amount of the money.

His party also regretted that the arrival of the West Java Pungli Saber Team had even become an OTT issue at SMK 5 Bandung. Moreover, in the near future, the school will bring the name of West Java to compete in the environmental field at the ASEAN level.

“We are not defending ourselves, but with this (OTT) news, hopefully it can be clarified. Because there really is no such thing as OTT in our school,” he concluded.

As is known, the West Java Pungli Saber Task Force Team carried out a hand arrest operation (OTT) at SMKN 5 Bandung. The school is known to ask for scouting fees from parents whose children pass PPDB 2022.


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