Volunteers of the CureVac protocol will receive another vaccine against Covid-19

Volunteers participating in the phase 3 study of the CureVac vaccine against Covid-19 they will be able to opt for another vaccine, after the German laboratory of origin announced that it will not continue the development of this biological.

In this regard, the principal investigator of the CureVac clinical study and leader of the Covid-19 program of TecSalud from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Michel MartinezHe explained that all volunteers, from the vaccine or placebo arm, can apply to receive a new dose.

Martínez stressed that the objective is to ensure the security of all participants.

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Options for CureVac Volunteers

The CureVac Phase 3 clinical trial research team managed two options for volunteers active in the protocol to access a new dose.

Dr. Martínez explained that volunteers will be able to opt for the cross-border vaccination program, to travel to the United States for a new dose, or to look for one in the National Vaccination Plan headed by the federal Ministry of Health.

“We are confident that we are going to place all active study participants in the cross-border vaccination program or in the national plan. Stay tuned for the fourth information visit, to know the date and the process, “he added.

During an informative session organized for the volunteers participating in the CureVac phase 3 protocol, in which the TecSalud Operational Director of Clinical Research also participated, Fernando Francisco Villegas placeholder image, the responsible researcher reiterated that all active participants are candidates for a new vaccine.

He added that the two vaccination options will also be available to volunteers who decided to open the blind of their file or who decide to do so in the next few days to find out if they received a vaccine or a placebo.

On October 12, the CureVac laboratory announced the end of its Covid-19 vaccine development program, to opt for a new one, already in process, for a second-generation vaccine.

Why do I need a new vaccine if I already have CureVac?

The phase 3 vaccine developed by the German laboratory CureVac is safe and its results are comparable to those currently reported by other vaccines that have emergency use authorizations, both from Messenger RNA as a non-replicating viral vector.

In this regard, the person in charge of the strategy against Covid-19 in TecSalud said the CureVac vaccine is safe; However, given the current scenario of virus variants SARS-CoV-2 it is recommended that volunteers receive a vaccination.

“Everyone can choose a new vaccine from those that are available and authorized, mainly the (volunteers) who were placed in the placebo arm, they must be vigilant,” he indicated.

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He stressed that it is a good time to receive a booster vaccine, for those who received the biological CureVac, both for those who received a placebo, since the country is at the end of the so-called third wave of infections, “in a plateau stage.”

Regarding the effectiveness of the CureVac vaccine against Covid-19, Michel Martinez explained that these are similar to those of vaccines such as those developed by Pfizer O Modern have been obtained in studies in the real world.

“If the authorized vaccines had run their studies in these circumstances (the ones that CureVac applied), those already authorized would have obtained similar results, that’s why the governments that used Pfizer and Modern they are recommending a third dose ”.

Is it safe to combine CureVac with other vaccines?

Combine the CureVac Phase 3 vaccine with some other mRNA platform or vector viral non-replicating is safe, said Dr. Michel Martínez.

“We know that mixing vaccine platforms, from mRNA with adenovirus It is safe. Applying a third dose is safe ”, he explained in a session with volunteers from the CureVac clinical protocol.

Regarding the need for those who were vaccinated with CureVac to opt for an additional dose, he said that all vaccines, even those authorized, have shown the need for a third dose or a booster, in the case of single doses such as CanSino or Johnson & Johnson.

He stressed that this recommendation has been made between six and eight months after the last dose, so the CureVac volunteers are on “perfect” time to receive an additional dose.

Martínez urged that active volunteers opt for a new dose, since the protocol does not consider, until now, the application of a third dose of the CureVac vaccine.

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How do I apply for cross-border vaccination?

Volunteers active in the phase 3 protocol should continue with their process and attend their fourth information session to opt for a new dose in the cross-border vaccination plan.

To go for a vaccination, Dr. Martínez indicated that it is possible to choose to travel to the United States even if you do not have a valid passport or visa, since the only reason for the trip is vaccination.

He clarified that access to this program will have no cost for the volunteers and the dates for the trips will be announced as the fourth stage of visits progresses, as it is necessary assess each volunteer individually.

Volunteers will keep track

Volunteers who decide to continue in the protocol will keep track of their cases and access the possibility of treatment in the event of a Covid-19 infection.

In this regard, the principal investigator of the CureVac clinical study recommended that the volunteers continue with the protocols they have carried out in recent weeks so that they have a accurate tracking of each case.

Anticipated that TecSalud will continue to participate with CureVac and with other pharmaceutical companies that so have it for the development of vaccines against Covid-19 and against other possible respiratory conditions.

He indicated that in the coming weeks they will be published in the specialized magazine The Lancet the full results of the phase 3 study involving more than 900 Mexican volunteers.

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