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Volkswagen Celebrates 50 Years of the Iconic Golf: Past, Present, and Future

Icons are ageless

The first Golf was created in 1974. Over the course of the 8 models that have been born since then, it has driven several generations of French people and witnessed slices of life which have shaped it to transform it into an iconic popular car.

Designed to make you feel at home and safe, this timeless model has conquered the world with more than 37 million copies sold. And for 50 years, no less than 2,000 people have bought a new Golf every day.

Car of yesterday, today and tomorrow

To properly celebrate the 50th anniversary of this icon, curious people and enthusiasts will be able to experience a unique journey through time by (re)discovering eight generations of Golf brought together for the occasion on the Volkswagen stand.

The New Golf will also be presented as a preview in France. With this latest development, Volkswagen definitely places the New Golf in the future.

Your Golf, your story

Volkswagen is honoring the Golf and also inviting to its stand, through an exclusive system, all those who want to come and share a story or an anecdote with this iconic model.

The New Golf is ready to seduce you for the next 50 years! -Volkswagen

Golf 8: 50 years old, and at the top of its form

Since its first version, the Golf has constantly been improved and renewed, following the technical progress of the eras it has lived through. At 50 years old (and all its wheels!), this new evolution is proof. The New Golf stands out for its advanced design, its new assistance systems, its plug-in hybrid engine and its high-tech infotainment system.

So go and discover them and admire them up close at the Rétromobile Show which is being held at Porte de Versailles in Paris from January 31 to February 4, or directly on the Volkswagen website !

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