Vodafone challenges Iliad with the new promotion: the details

Vodafone Special

Vodafone challenges Iliad, the new promotion launched aims to steal customers from the French company and to convince the undecided.

Vodafone Special is an offer that continues to be renewed with ever new features. The plans that the big V has for this fall that is gradually turning into a harsh winter are aggressive to say the least, with important offers for those who want to sign a contract. In fact, more and more people notice the need to have many giga available, to watch games and movies in streaming away from home, to surf, to chat and call each other on platforms such as Whatsapp and not only. Precisely for this reason, the big brands play a game of relaunch, with Vodafone having just announced a new offer. A promotion that is especially meant for hit Iliad and its offers, which attract an impressive number of people.

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Vodafone challenges Iliad with this promotion: it’s Special vs Flash

After blowing up the bank and the status quo with its arrival in the Italian telephone market, Iliad is a company that Italians certainly like. Precisely for this reason, years after that debut that changed the history of operators in Italy, tati are trying to rebalance the number of customers. Vodafone has just announced the Vodafone Special 100 Digital Edition. Designed specifically for those who currently have Iliad, is the same as the Iliad Flash 100: or rather offers to those arriving from another operator unlimited minutes, unlimited sms and 100 Giga for 9.99 euros per month. Will matching the offer of the other company be enough to increase one’s percentage on the Italian market? Only time will tell if this Vodafone challenge to Iliad will be successful, or if the second company will respond, as always, with even more aggressive proposals aimed at meeting the dreams of consumers.

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