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Vitaly Kozlovsky Reveals Why He No Longer Serves in Donbass

The performer told why he no longer serves in Donbass.

Mobilized Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky admitted where he is currently serving and why he was transferred from the National Guard to another unit.

Radio “Army FM” is a musician shared, which actually cannot reveal many details, because it is a military secret. However, the artist can say that his service takes place in Kyiv. Before his transfer, Kozlovsky was in the Donetsk region.

“This is actually a military secret. The only joy I can talk about, the joy for all my loved ones, is that now my service is not taking place directly in the Donbass, I am now in part of Kiev,” the performer admitted.

The singer added that transferring from the National Guard was not his initiative, but those of the people with whom he now serves.

“It was not really my initiative to transfer. It was the initiative of those to whom I have now transferred,” the artist admitted.

Meanwhile, the radio host Sergei Gagarin, who was talking with the artist, suggested that Vitaly Kozlovsky serves in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The fact is that in the National Guard the military uniform is olive, and in the Armed Forces of Ukraine it is pixelated, and the performer is now wearing exactly such clothes.

“The whole story is confusing, but we can definitely conclude that Vitaly Kozlovsky is now serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the radio host noted.

Let us remind you that Vitaly Kozlovsky was mobilized in June of this year. He served in the Rubezh National Guard rapid response brigade. However, already in mid-October, the artist announced that he had been transferred to another unit. Recently the artist shocked how almost died at the front. Then the positions of Kozlovsky and his brothers-in-arms were fired upon by the invaders. As the performer admitted, he was saying goodbye to life.

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