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“Buriram” lost to “Zhejiang” in the final match. Summary of ACL 2023-24 results, score table, Group H.

Date: 29 November 2023 AFC Football Champions League 2023-24 group stage, match 5, Group H. Zhejiang FC, ranked 4th from China with 3 points, welcomes Buriram United, ranked 3rd from the Thai League with 6 points.

In the 8th minute, Buriram United, the visiting team, took a 1-0 lead. The Zhejiang FC defenders blocked Supachai Jaided’s opening shot without missing a beat. The ball floated in front of the goal. Lonsana Dumbuya headed it in for Haris Vushki. Ch shot it in close and there was nothing left.

In the 28th minute, Zhejiang FC equalized 1-1. Li Di Xiang stole the ball from Peeradon Chamrasami before allowing Leonardo Souza to jump in, which the referee checked with VAR. It was then confirmed that Li Di Xiang did not commit a foul when competing for the ball with Peeradon and confirmed that it was a goal. Before the first half ended with this score

In the second half, in the 76th minute, Zhejiang FC overtook the lead 2-1. Leonardo Souza opened the ball in the right penalty area in front of Franco Andriasevic’s goal. Falling down and dunking the ball to change direction.

In the 83rd minute, Zhejiang FC came away 3-1 with a goal from Lucas Possignolo’s penalty area goal, but Buriram did not give in easily, making it 2-3 from Lonsana Dumbu. Ya gleaned the goal and shot from the moment the home team failed to block the ball.

At the end of the game, Zhejiang FC won 3-2, increasing their score to 6 points, level with Buriram United, but “Thunder Castle” was still better in goals-loss. Therefore, it continues to rank 3rd, behind Ventforth Gofu and Melbourne City, who are tied 3-3, 2 points, fighting for fiercely to qualify for the next round in the final match.

AFC football results Champions League 2023-24 Group Stage, Match 5, Group H

Ventforet Kofu (Japan) 3-3 Melbourne City (Australia)

Zhejiang FC (China) 3-2 Buriram United (Thailand)

Latest Group H score table

1. Ventforet Gofu 8 points (8 wins, 6 losses)

2. Melbourne City 8 points (win 7, lose 5)

3. Buriram United 6 points (win 7, lose 7)

4. Zhejiang FC 6 points (8 wins, 12 losses)

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