visuals of the brand’s foldable smartphone

We have news of Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone. The Chinese brand will draw on the side of Huawei and prepare a phone largely inspired by the Huawei Mate XS. However, we don’t have a release date yet.

Credits: Let’s go digital

In the race for innovation, each manufacturer goes with their foldable smartphone. Samsung led the way with its Galaxy Fold, and Xiaomi intends to rush into the breach. According to Dutch media LetsgoDigital, the firm is working on a new smartphone of its kind, largely inspired by Huawei Mate XS. At the end of 2019, the firm filed a patent with the China National Intellectual Property Administration. The news site unveils the first images of the phone, which appears to have a quadruple sensor and which apparently uses the outward folding principle. The screen covers the entire phone once it is folded. This is a bold choice for the brand, which chooses to register in opposition to what Samsung offers. We had already had a first glimpse of the phone in the past, which then used double folding. Xiaomi will no doubt have played the safety card, double folding is more fragile.

The sensor will be visible when folded, allowing you to take photos at any time. On the side of the module, there is the volume button and a power button. Downstairs, it has a port USB Type-C standard, for charging and data transfer. We do not see any jack, however, you will have to rely on Bluetooth headphones to listen to music. The rest of the specs are secret at the moment, but we hope that Xiaomi will give us more information in the coming months. You will have to expect a phone, a little more affordable than the competition since Xiaomi has announced that the bill will not exceed 1000 euros. Xiaomi does not intend to stop there and is developing a flip phone like the Galaxy Z Flip. It now remains to be seen when the smartphones will be officially revealed and when they will be available in our green lands.

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