Virtual Eid, Here Are 4 “Unique” THR Ideas That Can Be Shared with All Pages – Activities of the day Eid this year is still very limited due to the pandemic situation. The tradition of hospitality with extended families may have to be postponed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Including the tradition of distributing holiday allowances (THR) which is usually done at the moment of Eid.

If you also experience the same situation, ShopeePay’s digital payment service provides four goes thr unique that can be shared when celebrating virtual Eid with a large family:

1. Investment products

So that the THR does not run out in an instant, providing long-term investment products can be an option. One of them is gold investment.

Apart from being an option that provides long-term benefits, gold investment can also be used as a provision in the future.

The trend of investing in gold is now being loved by the public because the investment value is relatively stable and the transactions are easier to do.

ShopeePay users, for example, can buy various gold products easily through trusted merchants, such as Tamasia, IndoGold, or Aurum Lab, then pay using the ShopeePay method.

We can choose gold bars of various sizes to beautiful gold jewelry.

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2. Treat electricity bills and credit

This one method may look less exciting. However, for people who have already paid their own electricity, credit, and internet quota bills on a regular basis, this treat can be very meaningful, you know.

We can apply the same method if we want to provide THR for adolescents who mostly use interners.

If the electricity bill and internet credit have been paid, the online relationship will certainly be smoother.

3. Deliver food and drinks

Sending your favorite snacks or food menu to relatives or relatives can be another unique THR idea.

We can do take away from favorite restaurants to home delivery to family and relatives.

Some merchant ShopeePay also provides hamper Eid a variety of choices.

Dok. Shutterstock/nikkytok Illustration of Lebaran hampers

4. Study vouchers

Books and study vouchers can also be used as a THR option that can provide long-term benefits.

Especially during a pandemic, we do more activities at home.

We can look for study vouchers, training, to certification on online learning platforms as needed and take advantage of ShopeePay’s digital payment methods to buy them in a practical way.

“Not only in the form of cash, THR can also be given in a variety of other unique and memorable alternatives. The ease of access that we provide is expected to strengthen ties and make the Eid moment more meaningful,” said ShopeePay’s Head of Campaigns and Growth Marketing, Cindy Candiawan via written statement.

Nah, if you have any unique THR ideas, here?

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