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Viral Video of President Jokowi Distributing T-Shirts Near Prabowo-Gibran Billboards: Palace Provides Explanation


Viral on social media President Joko Widodo’s video (Jokowi) distribute t-shirts in the area where there is a billboard for candidate pair number 2 Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka. The Palace provided an explanation.

Viewed by detikcom, Tuesday (9/1/2024), the video went viral on one of the accounts on X (formerly Twitter). In the video it is narrated that the distribution of t-shirts took place in the Banten area.

A number of Prabowo-Gibran billboards were seen displayed around the location where Jokowi distributed the t-shirts directly. It is known that Jokowi carried out a number of agendas in the Serang area, Banten, Monday (8/1).

Palace Opens Voice

Coordinator of the President’s Special Staff, Ari Dwipayana, said that Jokowi’s activity of distributing t-shirts was highlighted after meeting with village heads throughout Serang Regency in Margagiri Village, Banten. Ari said that distributing the t-shirts was an activity that Jokowi often carried out after attending the agenda.

“So, at that time there was an event from the Ministry of Village, meeting with the village head. After the event was finished, as usual, you met the residents who had gathered in front, outside the event on the street,” said Ari at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta. , Tuesday (9/1/2024).

“We know that there are definitely lots of banners outside the event that will be caught on camera, but actually they are outside the event,” he continued.

Ari confirmed that the Prabowo-Gibran billboard displayed was not related to Jokowi’s presence or agenda at that location. Ari thought it was just a coincidence that a resident recorded Jokowi’s activities amidst the Prabowo-Gibran billboards.

“It’s not related to the President. First, the event was over and of course the event location was sterile and after you left the event location, you distributed social assistance to the people who had gathered on the street, so they were arrested there. There were actually lots of posters outside because of the area housing,” said Ari.

“Yes, people just happen to take photos, meet them, get caught, that’s right. But actually outside the event, outside the event location,” he added.


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