Viral Stumbled into Got in Koja, Here’s Anies Baswedan’s Condition


Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan fell into a ditch while greeting residents Which, North Jakarta. The Head of the Jakut Health Department, Yudi Dimyati, said that Anies’ condition was fine.

“There are no (wounds). Mr. (Anies) just walked normally, he was surprised when he entered his leg in a hurry raised, “said Yudi to, Saturday (11/9/2021).

Yudi said that the water in the sewer where Anies fell was shallow. Thus, only part of Anies’ feet were wet.

“We quickly flush the shoes. The gutters are not dirty, they are clean,” explained Yudi.

“There’s a faucet for washing hands, just open it and pour the shoes on,” he continued.

Yudi said that no words were spoken from Anies when he fell into the sewer. Anies, said Yudi, was also not angry about the incident.

Anies Speak Up

Anies recounted the viral incident on social media. He called his sandals broken.

“It was an exciting trip at the Tanah Merah Vaccination Center. Falling in the drain, changing flip-flops. Uh, the sandals broke,” Anies tweeted on his Twitter account.

Anies also revealed that he had walked barefoot until he managed to get borrowed shoes.

“It was time to move until I got borrowed shoes,” explained Anies.

It is known that Anies’ video has gone viral on social media. The incident is said to have occurred in Koja, North Jakarta, Saturday (11/9/2021). Anies is known to have come to review Corona vaccination activities for residents in that location.

In the viral video, initially it was seen that security officers walked in front of Anies. The officers asked residents around the location to keep their distance.

Anies then seemed to walk while greeting the residents who took turns calling his name. Anies did not look forward.

He was seen walking while looking and waving at residents. Suddenly Anies fell into a ditch.

A number of people at the location tried to hold Anies. Someone immediately helped Anies up. Several residents were heard screaming.

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